Two hands one on top one on bottom like they are holding the word Reiki which is glowing

In the first part of this article I talked about hypnotherapy and Shamanic healing. I now take this opportunity to bring forth Spirit mediumship and Reiki. But before I do that I want to bring to your notice that being in a state of calm and centered place is a daily task. It is therefore important to give oneself at least 15 minutes of "me time." 15 minutes away from your various gadgets, family members, daily stressors. 15 minutes daily just for yourself. We all have to make ourselves important first and then others.

These 15 minutes are to be spent with an intention to regroup, re-energize find your peace place within yourself. If you are religious, then read scriptures that you like. I personally don't pray during this time because most of us tend to focus on haves and have nots during prayer time. The intention here is to go away from all that brings you down. Eat fresh food daily. Food with minimum or no chemicals and preservatives. Just simple home cooked meals. Daily shower and wearing clean clothes, having your living and work place spotless clean, perhaps an essential oil or perfume which acts as a "pick me up." Meditation, Tai chi, Yoga or even just a gentle walk in a park. If money and time are your constraints then just give yourself 5 minutes; sit in a quiet, clean place and just breathe deeply. Focus on every breath, be aware of the air flowing through your body. Just sit and deep breathe. I assure you that you will feel much better at the end of those 5 minutes.

Having said all this, it's time to talk about a wonderful lady Charlotte Clark. 

Spirit Medium: Charlotte Clark is a woman with crackling personality. It's pure delight to spend time with her. With Charlotte you can truly say that it runs in the family. 

She inherited her wonderful legacy of mediumship from her mother. She is sensitive, funny, wise, but above all a very gifted medium, life coach and a healer. She can be warm, patient and loving but at the same time she is honest. She will tell you to "pull your socks up" if need be. And that is precisely why I like her. She seems genuinely interested in your well-being.

Charlotte brings a kind of dedication and passion that is rare to find these days. Her focus is to enrich your life by using the messages that she receives as a medium and combine them with her skills of life coach to bring healthy outcomes in your life. 

Spirit mediumship is a ability to connect with your departed loved ones. It can provide immense solace and consolation in getting in touch with your loved ones. To know that they are doing okay. 

Charlotte views her gift of mediumship as a tool for healing and wellness. The intense pain of separation can be ameliorated; an opportunity to bring closure by receiving messages from our loved ones can lead to moving on, and thus living our lives in as healthy way as possible. It is this transition where Charlotte brings her skills of life coach. She also specializes in working on old energy which has become a noxious belief pattern and thus hampering the quality of life.

Reiki: It is a technique used for stress reduction and relaxation which subsequently promotes healing. I would describe it as a gentle stream of energy flowing from the practitioner's palms into your body. Reiki is the Japanese word for universal life force. The actual word is made from two Japanese words- Rei means wisdom from higher power and ki means life force. So essentially Reiki means "Divinely guided life force energy."

A Reiki session usually lasts anywhere from an hour to hour and half. A practitioner lays his/her palms on various places on your body; which comprises of the seven chakras and other points. There are 21 to 27 points on your body where Reiki is administered. Each point gets Reiki for about three minutes. Sometimes the practitioner will linger longer on a certain point and on some other occasions you will notice the practitioner coming back to the same point again and again. It all depends upon the read that a practitioner gets while administering Reiki.

In my 20 years of experience as a practitioner I have always seen it working best on resolving emotional issues. It brings a calming/grounding effect. Reiki strengthens you from within. It's a beautiful modality to bring peace and calm to yourself; certainly a starting point for any healing be it physical or emotional to achieve. It has also worked as a good emotional and physical detox. At least once in your life you should try out a 21 day consecutive whole body Reiki treatment. You will certainly benefit from the lasting calm, peace and detox that it brings. How long the effects will last will solely depend upon your life style and habits.

All the four modalities mentioned in these two articles have health benefits. It all depends upon what you need to work on in your life. Eric, Crystalla and Charlotte are wonderful practitioners. They are all Reiki healers including "yours truly."

There is one sincere request I have for all of you. If you do choose to try out any of these modalities, then please talk to various practitioners before deciding on one. See if their vision resonates with you. Figure out for yourself if you connect with them. Your instinct will tell you if they are the right one for you. Once you find the practitioner that you feel comfortable with, then all you need to bring with you is a sincere desire to heal, to move on and leave behind what is bothering you. Relax, trust and let the Universe work for you. I wish you peace and abundance in all areas of your life. Let's heal and through that healing let's become wiser and kinder. May your life be glorious in all ways.

Charlotte Clark can be contacted at 614-500-9004, or you can visit her website at