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Residents of the planet,


Please help Ohio Community Rights Activists in Ohio lift up the Lake Erie Bill of Rights(LEBOR)! The people want the Lucas County Board of Elections to know all eyes will be upon them on Dec. 20 when they make their 'ruling' over the last minute election challenge brought against LEBOR. They want to show Toledo and Ohio electeds that the world is watching and what they are doing could set a precedent for others to follow to protect nature in their communities.   Details are included in the attached "Open Letter in Support of the Lake Erie Bill of Rights." Please take a few moments to go to the link below or to the attached PDF and sign the letter. The group is asking that we forward this to as many groups and individuals as possible. The hope is that all the people who realize that without a healthy environment, we can't be healthy either, will sign on. 
The Lake Erie Bill of Rights is a first-in-the-nation Ecosystem Rights of Nature law put forward by the people to protect a distinct natural body of water and ecosystem. The electeds have had years to address the problems Lake Erie faces and have done nothing. The people and the Lake can't wait any longer. Support the people of Toledo as they attempt to become a leader in a growing international movement for Rights of Nature. They join people in Australia fighting for the rights of the Great Barrier Reef, people in Columbia, India, Nepal and New Zealand. Ohio can be a leader in the right direction instead of a follower in the wrong direction.    Ask your friends to sign as well and ask them to share the email. Also, you should be able to sign both as an individual and then go back and sign-on for your group(s) too!   If you want to learn more about Rights of Nature and how the movement has grown over the past several years, check out this RON timeline:   The power to make positive change and provide a better future for our children and the planet really does belong to us. All power is inherent in the people if we assert that power and change the law to reflect our values.