Blue silhouette of the state of Ohio with green tree to the left and words in white Keep Wayne Wild

This December, the Bureau of Land Management plans to auction off more of Wayne National Forest to gas and oil companies for unconventional fracking, putting public land, wildlife habitat, and the air and water we all depend on at risk. The protest period has already begun and ends next Thursday October 12th!  This is you're opportunity to voice your opinion and share your personal stories and any relevant information you have that may influence this decision. Please take a few minutes and stand up for the Wayne!  The BLM must read and respond to every letter. Even if they choose to deny your protest, there will be a record of it and that will help to demonstrate that the public does not want this.  All letters must be either postmarked or faxed by October 12th. If you want to fax yours and don't have a fax machine, you can fax it using an online service such as  Make sure to include your address or your letter will be rejected.   If you udr make sure you check your email to confirm that it's sent.  You can use the template below (also available here ).  You can see some examples of protest letters from previous auctions here:  Please see the Complete information on this available on Facebook Event.