Brown sign that reads From the Campus to the Fields We Won't Yield

Photos by Elizabeth Andromeda

On October 24th, a teach-in was held by student organizations to discuss ongoing issues with how Ohio State University is failing victims and survivors of sexual assault, along with other issues. The event was called "DISorientation" and was presented by YDSA Ohio State, OSU Coalition for BDS, International Socialist Organization - Columbus, Ohio State Student/Farmworker Alliance, Alliance for Fair Food, & Renew OSU. 

The disorientation was about the issues on Ohio State's campus that the administration ignores or actively perpetuates. Ohio State chooses to keep Wendy's on campus despite knowing about their human rights violations. They choose not to pay their workers a living wage despite students voting for this measure. They choose to actively invest in fossil fuels even after the student government voted for divestment. They chose to dismantle our office providing survivors of sexual violence resources and have not provided a new place for people to go. The university does all this while working to give students the impression that they care about the issues we care about. They put on Time for Change week once a year to discuss sustainability while they profit off continued fossil fuel use. The CEO of Marathon Petroleum sits on our Board of Trustees and makes these decisions.

This event was created between YDSA, ISO, Renew OSU, BDS, and the Student/Farmworker Alliance to educate, agitate, and encourage students to get organized to fight back.This event was clearly marked as a "teach-in" both online and on the flyers we posted on campus, but OSUPD, ostensibly scouring our social media platforms, found the teach-in and alerted the registrar to the event, calling us a "protest group" and saying we did not have permission to enter the building. An email was sent out to an unknown list of faculty and administrators warning them about what was to be a peaceful teach-in. We decided we did not want to risk a cop presence at the event, so had to arrange a room change last minute.