Map of Ohio with grid in background and sky

As you may have heard, AEP has proposed 900 megawatts (MW) of new renewable energy installations in Ohio -- 400 MW of that will be solar energy, which is enough to power about half the homes in Cincinnati.

Submit a comment today in support of AEP's new renewable energy proposal!

Submit a Comment in Support of AEP's Clean Energy Projects!

AEP's proposed projects would lower our bills over the long-term, help reduce pollution, and bring much needed jobs to Ohio, especially areas that have faced tough economic times, like Appalachian Ohio. But first, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) needs to approve AEP's proposals. You can help make that happen! The PUCO is accepting public comments on AEP's proposed renewables projects and a strong showing of public support will help the projects get approved.

Submit a public comment today telling the PUCO to approve AEP's proposed renewables projects! Add a personal message about why clean energy is important to you to make sure your voice is heard.

Here are some of the personal comments other Ohio residents have submitted:

T.C., Lima:

I am 24, I have seen Ohio's environment suffer due to humans for almost a quarter century. This cannot happen to our only home for another 25 years.

Andrea, Woodville: I am a mother of two amazing children. I want nothing more for my children than clean healthy air, to breath, clean uncontaminated water to drink, beautiful natural environments to be inspired by, and an overall clean, healthy, very alive planet, to pass down to them. My daughter suffers from severe allergies and often has trouble breathing to begin with....I am urging the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to allow AEP to go through with their renewal energy installations.

Charles, Columbus: I grew up in Ironton on the Ohio River and know first hand the needs of southern Ohio. This development addresses both the need for jobs in the region and the urgent need to transition to clean, renewable energy.

The proposed solar project would more than double Ohio's solar energy capacity, with the potential to harness more solar energy than the five surrounding states combined.

The PUCO needs to hear from Ohioans like you who want affordable clean energy and the jobs that come along with it. Submit your comment today to let PUC know that Ohioans want AEP's clean energy projects!