Man and woman on the floor taking a selfie
30 September 2016

Going to Shadowbox Live can be a humbling experience. The troupe’s so-called “metaperformers” are so busy, ambitious and talented that you can’t help feeling like a lesser species in their presence.

For a prime example of what...

Actor portraying Obama
30 August 2016

The average rom-com loves couples who “meet cute.”

The new flickSouthside With You is not exactly a rom-com, and it’s definitely not average. Its subject, after all, is the first date of Barack Obama and future first...

Meryl Streep
24 August 2016

British director Stephen Frears’ latest biopic, about wannabe chanteuse Florence Foster Jenkins (the much Oscar-ed and “much-er” Oscar-nommed Meryl Streep), is a winning motion picture on many levels. Florence...

Photo of Bonnie Raitt
21 August 2016


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Only so long you can keep this charade
Before they wake up and see they’ve been played

Black man and white woman sitting on a couch
18 August 2016

The Manson tribe was not the only wolfpack of murderous maniacs to inhabit a remote ranch in L.A. County in order to foment a helter-skelter race war in America. Before the U.S.A. entered World War II, Nazi sympathizers endeavored to...

Cartoon characters
12 August 2016

Horny hotdog questions the meaning of life

Is Sausage Party the Donald Trump of animated films?

Stylistically, they have more in common than you might think, being both foul-mouthed and self-...


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