29 September 2015

The publisher and editor of the Columbus Dispatch like to brag about what they consider sterling journalism in the newspaper and about all the awards it has won.
   But when it comes to reporting news about their own shop, they...

28 September 2015

The Free Press told you so. Since 2000, this newspaper alone in Ohio has warned of the dangers of allowing private partisan for-profit companies to secretly count our votes. Former President Jimmy Carter calls our election system...

20 September 2015

Get ready: the Republicans may not know it, but they’ve all but certified their ticket for 2016, and they will probably win. 

  The saturation bloviation that followed this week’s Republican presidential debates missed some...

05 September 2015

Let us recall both the political careers of Michael Coleman and Andy Ginther advanced primarily due to their involvement in covering up scandals. Coleman, then an attorney at Schottenstein, Zox and Dunn, stepped forward to aid...

Two men
01 September 2015

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction is proud to announce in their 2014 Annual Report that their already record-low recidivism rate has dropped again and is now 27.1 percent and continues to be well below the...

01 September 2015



Click cut is glimpse of Dispatch future


By John K. Hartman



It is just a TV magazine. Why do we care?

   Most people get their TV...


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