Guy in gold spacesuit looking outfit with helmet and facemask and hood from Star Wars
02 May 2019

Although it is many moons to come, the Rise of Skywalker is by far the most anticipated film of the year. The final to this phase of the trilogy absolutely has to go out with a bang. Probably a lot of bangs, maybe some pew pews, and...

Purple background and drawings of lots of stars and planets and the words Libreplanet 2019
03 April 2019

Technology was supposed to liberate us from the oppressive forces of authoritarian censorship, allow us to connect with diverse voices around the world and in general make the world a better place by building an interconnected world. It...

Drawing of hand holding a phone with texts happening on it and a robot off to the side texting too
17 March 2019

Most of us are aware and skeptical of “bots” interfering with our daily lives. Some modern examples of this include suspicious insurance calls and obviously fake suitors on dating apps. It seems most of us have encountered them in one...

12 March 2019

The “ShotSpotter” voice surveillance system is being promoted by Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther and Deputy Police Chief Bash as a crime fighting tool capable of locating a gunshot within a 20-foot radius and determining the type and...

White and black virtual reality goggles laying on grass
06 March 2019

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that affects about one percent of the global population. Children can fall anywhere on the spectrum,...

Turquoise background, words Tales from La Vida large in white at top, words A Latinx Comics Anthology and a very colorful image below of a world opened up with lots of interesting images in pieces within
04 February 2019

Tales from la Vida

ComFest will be collaborating with The Ohio State University Billy Ireland Library and Cartoon Museum and it's current exhibit, Tales From la Vida, for a special fund raising event on Sat....


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