Big blue arrow head pointing right with black words on top Defend our future
16 July 2017

Columbus residents alongside leaders of local public health departments urged the continuation of federal, state and local programs to protect and defend the health of everyday Ohioans.



Young black girl with thirty-something white woman with brown hair and sunglasses on her head
13 July 2017

Heightened Urgency Seen in Wake of Paris Climate Retreat & EPA Rule Rollbacks; “Family Friendly” Protest to Feature News Event and Speeches from Bipartisan Line-up of U.S. Senators and Representatives...

COTA bus, sllver bus with red white and blue curvy stripe on side driving in dusk
05 July 2017

On May 1st COTA overhauled its transit system by increasing routes and connections, including to more jobs, such as at Rickenbacker on the far southeast side, which has an estimated 21,000 warehouse-related positions.

But more...

Stratford Ecological Center sign
01 June 2017

Driving north on Route 23 from Columbus one will see strip malls and big box stores spreading like a cancer toward Delaware. Just a short distance from the intersection of US Route 23 and State Route 315 in Delaware County is a place...

White man with glasses and white shirt standing and speaking at podium
23 May 2017

The Central Ohio Workers Center held a meeting on Saturday, March 20, entitled Organizing for Economic Justice: A Call to Action at the Columbus Mennonite Church, 35 Oakland Park Ave.

Workers of all industries and identities are...

A red map of Ohio with faces of black men shot by police and their names
04 May 2017

In the years 2013-2016, the Columbus Police killed 24 people, 20 of them black. lists the names of all Columbus citizens killed by the Columbus Police Department (CPD). Despite only 27.6 percent of...


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