Lots of people from Bernie's posing together
13 January 2016

I predict the New Year will probably include a presidential election.

  Sorry, that was a joke.

  You want to hear about music?

  Deerhunter performed at the Skully’s Music...

Montage of New Orleans images
13 January 2016

So as it turns out, we never made it to Frenchman Street.

Every year, a few friends and I engage in a weekend of musical tourism, taking trips to cities which claim a vibrant live music scene and/or some historical interest. Past...

Young Phil Ochs in black and white
09 December 2015

In 1960, two Ohio State students would hang out on folk night at Larry’s Bar, just south of the corner of Woodruff and North High. The two formed the folk duo The Sundowners, and almost certainly played their first show either...

Purple and blue colors
09 December 2015

We’ve seen so much horrendous death recently; the annual year-end listings seem insignificant. My favorite thing about the year was watching the human spirit have superior attributes over negative entities....

Guy playing guitar
09 December 2015

Would it be presumptuous to compare the Black Keys guitarist Dan Auerbach's stunningly textured musical pallet to Michelangelo's abilities to lay on his back and paint heaven on a basilica?

Young man singing
25 November 2015

It’s been a while since I was a groupie of any band. I am too old for concert going and fan obsession...or so I thought. I have found my new calling. I have been revived. Last night I attended the concert of Young Rising Sons, a...


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