Newspaper about David Bromberg Band
02 February 2017

Hey everyone, David Bromberg has a new CD out. It’s called “The Blues, the Whole Blues, and Nothing but the Blues.” Do you think you’ll be able to appreciate it properly? Do you have a proper blues education?

Oh yeah, education....

A black man wearing a blue baseball cap looking sad
01 February 2017

Run The Jewels ended their sold-out Columbus show by playing deceased Columbus icon and friend of El-P, Camu Tao’s “Hold The Floor.” It's a record produced by DJ PRZM who is another deceased Columbus Hip Hop icon.

Philly Phil...

Madonna in orange pants and black bots dancing outside
31 January 2017

Yes, Officer, I am under the influence.

Of the following:

Two cups, Bigelow's peppermint tea, probably four full teaspoons white sugar.

Two fat Stauf's porcelain cups, moka java coffee, ten packets (at least) brown...

Vice Neil singing into mic with long stringy blonde hair and lots of tattoos
04 January 2017

The year was 2001. My wife and I were both second-year law students at Ohio State, and had just had our first date at what was then the Thirsty Ear Tavern. Casting around for second date plans, I learned that my old guitar teacher’s...

Blue version of Rolling Stones logo with words blue and lonesome
04 January 2017

While celebs and a clutch of great musicians croaked by the dressing room full, did anyone notice the Rolling Stones had a banner year?

Yes, I am writing about the Stones--again.

Because they matter. Perhaps more than ever...

Two gold hands one in a fist one like a gun pointing at each other
03 January 2017

Run The Jewels (El-P and Killer Mike) just sold-out the Express Live 3 weeks before the Hip Hop duo’s January 16th show in our fair city.

  Run the Jewels are resonating because the music is futuristic and they speak their minds...


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