Guys playing instruments
29 September 2016

Do Italian musicians feel things differently?

Only one of these questions popped into my head at a very recent Friday Woodlands Tavern happy hour when the monstrously good guitarist Rick Collura and his Blue Cats played like the...

Sideways view of a bar with guy with guitar on stage lighting is very red
30 August 2016

I’m something of a musical tourist. Once a year or so some friends and I travel to some American city famous for its music – New Orleans, Bakersfield or whatever – and spend a long weekend. This year was two nights in Memphis, with a...

Guy singing with accordion
29 August 2016

The Felice Brothers aren't highfalutin'. The country boys from the Catskills would rather record an album in an unassuming farm garage shared by chickens than in a fancy studio in the big city. And that's just what they did with their...

09 August 2016

I linked up with my dude Gamble a couple weeks back. Gamble was in town for the 2x/2x Hip Hop festival. Gamble and I are both in IOK. Gamble is one of the more high profile graffiti writers who painted the 2x/2x Fest. The Cincy writer...

Hillary with mouth and eyes scarily open, Insane Clown Posse guy in scary whiteface with an ax, and Trump with his hair blowing straight up in the air
05 August 2016

"In politics stupidity is not a handicap."--Napoleon Bonaparte

Are we really any different than ancient Rome?

You know what the hell I'm talking about so let's cut the bullshit.


Cover of album
28 July 2016

Several years ago, I had a conversation with Robert Loss, Blind Engineers singer and principal songwriter, about the Bruce Springsteen song “The River.” If you don't know it, the gist of that song is the angst of a young man who gets...


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