21 November 2017

With family and community support, Edith Espinal is striving to keep her spirits up as she lives in sanctuary at the Columbus Mennonite Church to evade a deportation order. But immigration enforcement is doing what it can to make...

Gray haired man with black-rimmed glasses sitting at a table looking at a dark haired woman who is speaking also sitting in a chair
18 November 2017

The Columbus community offered Bienvenido! to Marina Alvarenga from El Salvador on November 1, 2017. Alvarenga was on a tour through the country to speak with Central American activists about the current conditions in El...

Middle aged white guy with receding brown hair looking sideways with a worried look on his face, wearing a gray suit with a purple and white striped tie
06 November 2017

A big chunk of American democracy is riding on Tuesday’s Virginia election.

The outcome could turn on how well Democrats protect the right to vote….and the right to have the votes accurately counted. 

If Democrat and anti-...

Young black woman smiling on the left, tall white man smiling in the middle and older white man pointing at the camera standing in front of a brick wall
03 November 2017

Columbus is a city where an authoritarian Democratic Party machine holds firm control over all city politics, backed by the checkbooks of their suburban millionaire and billionaire allies, like Les Wexner and Ron Pizzuti. The...

Bald old man with black-rimmed glasses and ears sticking out on each side of his had big a huge frown as if he has not teeth in a white hospital gown looking very sad
02 November 2017

Ohio plans to execute Alva Campbell on November 15, 2017, in revenge for his 1997 murder of Charles Dials, a crime to which Campbell confessed and pled guilty. However, the person Alva Campbell is today is not the same person he was...

A large conical shaped cement building with other little buildings around and river of water leading to it with the words Davis Besse Ohi's Nuclear Nightmare
31 October 2017

Ohio House Bill 381: This bill introduced in October is new attempt to bail out Ohio’s two nuclear power plants, Davis-Besse and...


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