Person's hands lighting a huge joint over an ashtray
02 March 2017

The warning sounded ominous: “… three unresponsive persons calls in the last 24 hours. The common denominator appears to be marijuana laced with an unknown opiate. The victims are unaware they are using anything other than marijuana but...

Purple background with nuke plant blowing up in a mushroom cloud
28 February 2017

What may be America's most dangerous, decrepit and disastrous nuke is facing Judgment Day. And it could cost you both your money and your life. The infamous Davis-Besse reactor, near Toledo, is at the breaking point. It is poised to...

Three women's faces
27 February 2017

In February, Columbus City officials announced a massive giveaway to a major developer to build upscale housing at Easton. The city and school district will forego a total of $68 million in property taxes over the next thirty years. In...

Carolyn on the right, blonde woman with maroon winter hat and glasses standing next to car with Native American woman on right
25 February 2017

Some of you may already know that Carolyn Harding of Columbus traveled to Standing Rock this week to stand with the people in that community standing up to protect their water and their community. Carolyn was one of the final arrests...

People marching with Jewish Voice for Peace banner
16 February 2017

Jewish Voice for Peace Central Ohio was saddened to learn of the recent vandalism of the Ahlul Bayt Society Islamic Center on Dublin-Granville Road. Surveillance cameras at the mosque caught the perpetrator writing anti-Muslim messages...

Three police ICE officers
16 February 2017

Federal agents from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office, also known by the chilling acronym ICE, have ramped up their efforts locally since Trump’s immigration ban. According to the Columbus-based Ohio Hispanic Coalition,...


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