Sketch of four young black people with fists in air and words blackpride4
06 February 2018

Opening arguments happened today, February 6, in Franklin County Municipal Court. The courtroom was packed with #BlackPride4 supporters.

In their opening argument, the City prosecution emphasized that the protestors did not have...

Drawing of four young black people with fists in air and words Black Pride 4
05 February 2018

Jury selection began today in the Franklin County Municipal Court for three of the four members of the #BlackPride4. Judge Ebner asked the defendants if they were aware that they may face jail time if found guilty. She also...

Middle aged white man with brown receding hair with wire rimmed glasses looking to the right with  a gray suitcoat and purple shirt his mouth open as if talking
02 February 2018

President Trump says – and the Supreme Court affirms – that we are “a nation of laws,” but no one questions “who” is making those laws.  It takes a people’s movement to overturn unjust law and advance rights. And Ohioans are launching...

Green road sign saying Piketon Corp Limit, another sign saying Speed Limit 50 and a sign with an Ohio logo on it and in the background a highway and some grass and the blue sky with white clouds
31 January 2018

Nearly 50 years of uranium enrichment have brought serious radioactive contamination to what was once lovely countryside at Piketon, Ohio. The misidentified Portsmouth Nuclear Site (PORTS) at Piketon is operated by the U.S. Dept. of...

The words Surviving Fast Food and a hamburger next to a piece of pizza
31 January 2018

JP Morgan Chase is one of Central Ohio’s largest private employers with over 20,000 workers, and several told the Free Press they’ve been told to expect raises and a one-time cash bonus this year as a result of the tax bill...


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