Black person's face with a red hat on their head peering over a sign that they are holding that says Let The People Vote
05 May 2018

As the mid-terms loom, Democrats could regain control of Congress in 2018, and make a move for impeachment of Trump. But will progressive-minded voters be denied their constitutional right to vote, especially minorities? Or what about...

Man lying on the ground dead a woman screaming over his body, others looking on
03 May 2018

Back when “tin soldiers and Nixon” were “cutting us down” in 1970, a group of Ohio State University students and campus activists started an underground newspaper in Columbus. Driven mostly by the murder of four students at Kent State...

Drawing of black woman with black tape over her mouth with white hands and arms grabbing her from behind
01 May 2018

It's 2018 and Columbus is gearing up for another year's Pride Celebration... But the question beckons even after last year's demonstration.

“Why do We need our own Pride?”

“Why can’t they compromise with Stonewall?”

Older woman standing by an electronic voting machine
20 April 2018


Husted, Counties Sued to Prevent Planned Destruction of Election Records

Columbus, OH, April 20, 2018 – Ohio voters are suing Secretary of State Jon Husted and the...

Young black child smiling and wearing a red winter coat with a hood
17 April 2018

 Operation Warm Continues Supporting Low-Income Kids with Help from Community

Chadds Ford, PA – Since 1998,...

A crudely hand lettered sign on what looks like a sheet saying The state is not negotiating
11 April 2018

History books often contain a chapter that tries to answer the question: What caused such-and-such a revolt or revolution?
For example: What caused the “Boston Massacre” in 1770 when British troops stationed in Boston fired on a...


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