The words Surviving Fast Food and a hamburger next to a piece of pizza
31 January 2018

JP Morgan Chase is one of Central Ohio’s largest private employers with over 20,000 workers, and several told the Free Press they’ve been told to expect raises and a one-time cash bonus this year as a result of the tax bill...

Black and white photo with people in winter coats outside gathered in a group behind a white banner with black letters saying The Whole Damn System is Guilty as Hell
30 January 2018

Who knew there were so many socialists and anti-capitalists in Columbus, Ohio?

If you go to rallies and demonstrations and meetings across this city, you’re sure to see the participation or leadership of one socialist group or...

A black marijuana leaf with a medical symbol in the middle
29 January 2018

You’re busy and don’t have time to look up the details on Ohio’s new medical marijuana program. We’re here to help with, well, a cheat sheet. You know, that quick fine print synopsis hidden under your sleeve. Destruct once done. Let’s...

19 January 2018
An unarmed juvenile was shot and killed in the Franklin County Courthouse Wednesday, January 18. Listen to radio interview with Constance Gadell Newton about it:
14 January 2018

We are currently in the political twilight zone. Nothing concrete has been affected since the tax reform vote, and Congress hasn’t been back in session long enough to do its usual damage. Plenty has been said, but it is not yet clear...

Photo of men and women posing and facing the camera all wearing long black robes in front of a dark red curtain
07 January 2018

Millions of Ohio voters have tried to vote on Election Day over the past 15 years only to find their names were erased from the pollbooks.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)...


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