Blonde woman in blue t-shirt with a clipboard
26 September 2018
The Free Press will honor Sandy Bolzenius with our 2018 "Libby" award for community activism at the Free Press Awards ceremony on Monday, October 8 at Woodlands Tavern, 1200 W. Third Ave. She is involved in grassroots efforts dedicated to...
White man with grayish hair and beard with green parakeet on his shoulder
24 September 2018

Steve Caruso was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, raised by nuns. He volunteered for The Philadelphia Folk Fest for 5 years, survived one immediate semester of college after high school, figured it was too then much went to Haight...

Black man  with wire-rimmed glasses and a mustache and beard
16 September 2018
Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan, a ...
Two men in foreground of people sitting in chairs, one younger white man with dark rimmed glasses with his hand over his mouth holding a pen, and the other a white haired white man, both in dark suits
06 September 2018

The Free Press Salutes Jeffrey Wadsworth

The Free Press salutes former Ohio State University trustee Jeffrey Wadsworth who resigned from the University’s board after disagreeing with Urban Meyer’s three-game...

White middle aged man in a suit posing shaking hands with black man with glasses in a suit
23 August 2018

Al Warner was my friend and comrade in arms. He served as board president of the Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism, publisher of the Columbus Free Press, during a tumultuous period. We were exposing corruption from the...

White woman with long blonde hair and large breasts with lots of cleavage in a green dress smiling
20 August 2018

Columbus “Vice” Squad in Action: Somehow the Columbus Police missed evidence over the years that their chief spokesperson was into kiddie porn, but they did manage to put together a major sting operation to arrest...


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