Latino man holding up a fist with a t-shirt saying we will not comply
12 April 2019

Friday, April 12, 2019, 6:00 PM. 
Holding space with Miriam Vargas to honor Rubén Castilla Herrera and provide support. First English Lutheran Church, 1015 E. Main St., Columbus, Ohio 43205.

Earth Day at...

Latino man in T-shirt that says No Human Being is Illegal, talking into a mic
10 April 2019

Ruben Castilla Herrera was the uncompromising conscience of central Ohio’s activist community. Wherever there was injustice – Ruben was there, demonstrating, demanding, asserting the rights of the people. Ruben dedicated himself to...

Young black woman smiling in a black suit against a colorful background
03 April 2019

On March 23, Amber Evans body was recovered from the Ohio Scioto River.  She had been in the river since January 28, 2019.  The community of Columbus and people across the nation had been waiting since January 28th for the police to...

Young black woman smiling turning her head to the left wearing a black suit against a colorful wall of art
27 March 2019

Wednesday, March 27, 3-9pm
3pm - Community gathering
5:30 - Vigil by the river
7pm - Community dinner
St. Philips Episcopal Church, 166 Woodland Ave.
All who loved Amber are welcome to come for...

Black and white photo of woman holding small sign saying I Stand with Ilhan
09 March 2019

When blatant antisemitic conspiracy theories were spread against George Soros, President Trump retweeted them. When antisemites carried tiki torches in Charlottesville, Donald Trump called them “very fine people.” Under Trump, well-...


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