Young woman with brown rimmed glasses, long brown hair in winter clothes outside with her purse over her shoulder an holding it close to her body, looking like she is talking
31 January 2018

I am an attorney and guardian ad litem (GAL) in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. An important part of my job is protecting the rights of adults and minors who live in Ohio, and in my city.  Every day I strive to advocate for...

Young white woman with brown curly hair smiling standing in front of a brick wall with the words Constance for Ohio '18 in the right side bottom
21 January 2018

Constance Gadell-Newton, Esq., is a social justice activist, Attorney at Law and Guardian ad Litem for abused and neglected children in Columbus, Ohio.  She graduated from Bishop Watterson High School in Columbus, has a B.A. from the...

Photo of black woman with shoulder length black curly hair wearing a black top with white collar smiling at the camera
15 January 2018

Everything above my shoulders is in agony. I’ve spent an entire week rolling my eyes, shaking my head, and gritting my teeth. I actually rolled my eyes so viciously my wife started calling me Liz Lemon. This week regrettably has been...

Baldish white man wearing a suit holding a microphone and talking
03 January 2018

Ohio Democrats need a bold new leader, a gut fighter with a heart of gold to win back the governorship in 2018.

His name is Joe. Joe Schiavoni.

The two-term state senator from Boardman, who was born in Youngstown, is 39...

Two middle aged white men shaking hands very close together
05 December 2017

Because Gov. John Kasich is playing politics, Tom Noe is rotting in jail. Noe, one of 50,000 inmates in Ohio prisons, holds a unique distinction. He is a political prisoner, kept behind bars to please both political parties. Other...

Two men on a stage, one with a guitar, one with a plaque in his hand
20 November 2017

In between dancing and singing along with protest songs and psychedelic music, Free Press readers helped honor four community activists at the November 13 Free Press Protest Fest and Awards ceremony. The event was held at...


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