Bright pink background and words saying Real Sex Ed saves lives with a big exclamation point and the words Planned Parenthood
20 April 2018

Washington, D.C. – On April 18, a U.S. Court of Appeals protected access to health care and education at Planned Parenthood for tens of thousands of Ohioans. This ruling will protect Ohioans’ access to over 70,000 free...

Black letters Columbus Media Insider with the M looking like cracked glass
05 April 2018

The Columbus Dispatch cannot give Dave Yost enough sweetheart coverage in his bid for Ohio Attorney General. The newspaper might as well be named deputy campaign manager for the Delaware Republican and current state auditor....

Young people wearing winter coats one young man holding a sign above his head that says Fear has no place in our schools
03 April 2018

Things are going really well for the Democrats. And none of it is thanks to them. They are headed for significant victories at the end of the year and all without crafting progressive legislation or discussing the biggest issues on the...

30 March 2018

As the primary election for Ohio governor draws near, voters want to know where candidates stand on issues that affect Ohioans the most. To get some answers, Yes We Can Columbus hosted a candidates’ forum on March 12 at Strongwater Food...

Older man with gray hair, a dark suit and pink tie sitting at a mic with glasses halfway down his nose
19 March 2018

Much of the news generated by those paid to represent us this week came in the form of the executive branch’s revolving door of staff. Some were fired, some were hired, and some are working with a guillotine blade hanging over them. As...

Black and white sketch of heavy set Asian man with hair only on top of head, shaved on the sides and he's smiling and saluting
13 March 2018

What the hell is going on in national politics? Nobody is doing what is in their, or anybody else’s, best interests. From congressional inactivity to party infighting and missed campaign opportunities, it has been a confounding week....


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