Young dark haired woman smiling
07 October 2019

City Council Candidate Liliana Rivera Baiman announced today that her campaign has received the endorsement of the Columbus Education Association (CEA), the union representing more than 4,000...

Joe Motil
05 October 2019

Columbus City Council candidate Joe Motil received two key endorsements today from the Columbus Education Association (CEA) and the National Association of Social Workers.

Motil stated that, “Today has been a memorable...

Young white woman
01 October 2019

Local election season is in full swing and it seems like wherever you go in Central Ohio, alternative political candidates are shaking things up. Here in Columbus, the insurgent progressive group Yes We Can is challenging the...

Ballot with x's for some candidates
14 September 2019

Dear Editor:

This could forever change politics in the state of Ohio and the rest of the United States of America. Imagine if Columbus Ohio was the only city in the United States to elect their city officials via a proportional...

Words Columbus Media Insider with the M looking like broken glass
07 September 2019

TEGNA has taken over WBNS-TV from the Wolfe family. Get ready for big heads to roll.

Jerry Revish, the premier TV news anchor in the Columbus market, already announced his impending retirement.

TEGNA paid more than half a...

Man in blackface from minstrel show
03 September 2019

This past September, Alabama governor Kay Ivey was found to have worn blackface while performing in a comedy sketch during her college years. Virginia governor Ralph Northam posed in blackface standing next to another college mate...


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