Older man with gray hair, a dark suit and pink tie sitting at a mic with glasses halfway down his nose
19 March 2018

Much of the news generated by those paid to represent us this week came in the form of the executive branch’s revolving door of staff. Some were fired, some were hired, and some are working with a guillotine blade hanging over them. As...

Black and white sketch of heavy set Asian man with hair only on top of head, shaved on the sides and he's smiling and saluting
13 March 2018

What the hell is going on in national politics? Nobody is doing what is in their, or anybody else’s, best interests. From congressional inactivity to party infighting and missed campaign opportunities, it has been a confounding week....

White woman in a black suit with white shirt underneath and necklace with shoulder length brown hair standing at a mic with a blue background, her mouth in a form like she's talking
07 March 2018

Last month, Ohio’s lieutenant governor Mary Taylor made headlines by not getting the endorsement for governor from her state party and subsequently putting them on blast for doing so....

Close up of white man's face with brown hair and blue button down shirt and tie in front of a flag, his eyebrows a bit raised
06 March 2018

Columbus Monthly’sDecember 2017 issue has an article about former city attorney Richard Pfeiffer, who retired that month after holding the job since 2003. The magazine portrays him as having beliefs similar to what supporters...

Cartoon of man in suit with tiny hands in the air and a big huge head with lots of wild yellow hair, his mouth open and looking upset
12 February 2018

A lot went on in national politics this week. After a benign start to February, the past seven days stunned us by providing plenty of drama to think about and discuss. The Republicans have always been intent on dragging civilization...

Middle aged white man with some dark and some gray hair speaking while gesturing to the right wearing a suit, people listening to him
06 February 2018

Gubernatorial candidate Dennis Kucinich addressed the first town hall forum of the Progressive Democrats of America Central Ohio chapter on February 5. Kucinich emphasized that he is for universal health care and when in Congress had...


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