Marijuana leaf on top of a health cross symbol
30 May 2017

A year ago this month, Ohio finally did the right thing and passed a medical marijuana law. It was a caring and honorable move, especially when you consider there are hundreds if not thousands of children and adults in the state...

Three women holding sign that says Science Benefits Everyone
03 May 2017

Because of President Donald Trump’s policies and Neolithic attitude toward women, pussy hats have become popular regalia at protests in downtown Columbus. But at the March for Science on April 22, brain hats outnumbered pussy hats....

People in rain with signs touting the importance of facts
29 April 2017

Despite the rain and gloom, several hundred people gathered for the People's Climate March on Saturday, April 29 in downtown Columbus. 

11 April 2017

When a group of Ohio State University students interrupted an OSU Board of Trustees meeting on April 7, the timing was perfect for causing maximum embarrassment to the university’s administration.

While 22 members of the of the...

Young black woman with bullhorn outside at rally
17 March 2017

Jodi Ann, one of the organizers of the rally for justice in the case of Shelton Adams, spoke to Channel 4 during a demonstration March 16 across the street from Grant Hospital, where Mr. Adams was pepper sprayed and wrestled to the...

People marching down High Street holding signs that say No More in 614, no more bigotry, black lives matter.
05 March 2017

Bodybuilders and sports fans at the Arnold event stood dumbfounded outside the Columbus Convention Center Saturday afternoon as the "No More in 614" demonstrators marched by holding signs saying "Black Lives Matter," "No Homeless...


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