Sunday, March 17, 5pm-7pm, The Midden, 379 Chittenden Ave.

Come send books to prisoners.

All of our activities are guided by what prisoners ask for and tell us they need. That means we do lots of different things as methods to support people inside.

We do all sorts of projects, like:

Setting up pen pals. Pen pals mean a ton to people in prison, and we have a big list of prisoners looking for someone to write to!

Circulating prisoner newsletters and writing. We transcribe and help circulate info for jailhouse lawyers, along with other ’zines, essays, and newsletters made by prisoners.

Prisoner art shows. We collect prisoner art and organize gallery shows to exhibit their work.

Workshops. We got workshops on all sorts of stuff! Prison-industrial complex, the Lucasville uprising, how to do prisoner support, and more.

Letter writing nights.

Hosted by Redbird Books to Prisoners.


Sunday, March 17, 2019 - 5:00pm


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