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Hillary Clinton's margin of victory in the 2016 vote count continues to climb, at this point well over a million. 

But her impending defeat in the Electoral College comes with familiar signs that the election was stripped and flipped.

These indicators include the realities of pre- and post-election polling; the massive stripping of primarily black, Hispanic and Asian-American voters from computer generated registration rolls mostly maintained by private partisan companies; unverifiable "black box" electronic voting machines and central tabulators, also mostly manufactured and maintained by private corporations, and much more.

Were this election held in any other country, the US State Department and independent monitors from around the world would denounce it as a fraud, and contemplate international intervention. 

The Electoral College

Feminism has a crucial role to play in modern life, but I sometimes wish it would leave our fairy tales alone. The results of its revisionist meddling are too often unconvincing and unsatisfying.

Remember last year’s Maleficent? It turned an age-old story on its head by revealing that the fairy (Angelina Jolie) who turned a princess into a “Sleeping Beauty” was not evil at all. No, she was merely wronged and misunderstood. Worst of all, we learned that the somnambulant princess could not be awakened by a kiss from the handsome prince, but only by a motherly peck from that same fairy.

How heartwarming. And how utterly unromantic.

Thank goodness Disney’s new live-action version of Cinderella doesn’t wear its feminism on its sleeve. It has nods to modern sensibilities, to be sure, but they’re handled with a lighter touch.

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Thailand's coup-installed Defense Minister Prawit Wongsuwon will be in Washington from April 22-27 to meet Defense Secretary James "Mad Dog" Mattis, boosting the junta despite demands for elections, human rights, democracy and Mr. Prawit's resignation for alleged corruption.


"The U.S. needs to counter China's increasing rise in interests and influence in Thailand, and in Southeast Asia by extension, and deepening already deep military-to-military relations is one way to do that," Benjamin Zawacki said in an interview, describing retired army general Prawit's visit.


"Thailand's government is -- as all Thai governments have been since the turn of the century -- pro-Beijing. And until Trump came to power, it was anti-Washington as well," said Bangkok-based Mr. Zawacki, author of a new book titled, "Thailand: Shifting Ground Between the U.S. and a Rising China."



“…most ‘flu’ appears to have nothing to do with influenza. Every year, hundreds of thousands of respiratory specimens are tested across the US. Of those tested, on average 16% are found to be influenza positive.” – From the British Medical Journal editor, Peter Doshi, MD


American Spring, the fourth live stage show by Artists Rise Up Los Angeles since the Trump regime took power, rocked Atwater Village Theatre with a moving matinee on April 14 meant to raise consciousness and funds. Largely using spoken word, in a series of one-person presentations, a dozen mostly female and/or nonwhite thesps gave a voice to those whom the Trump-sters seek to render voiceless and Ralph Ellison-like invisible, thereby shining the spotlight on the so-called “least” of these among us during ARULA’s 90 minute production, co-directed by Mapuana Makia and Jose Restrepo. Here are some highlights:


African American women led the way, as some observe Black females are doing offstage, too, in terms of activism. FreXinet freely floated from one female character to another a la Anna Deavere Smith to answer the probing question she posed: “What does it take to be Black in America?” The braided-hair actress wrote and acted out the various dramatic personae, demonstrating her range and talent.


Extreme close up of white mother and baby

Our opponents are relentlessly attacking women’s health from every angle. Even when it’s not in the headlines, it’s happening practically every day.Tell the Trump administration: Hands off women’s health care!

Here’s why every abortion-rights activist should care about the latest attack on women’s health:

Man and young boy posing next to a robot that has a round top and white round body

MakerX: The Columbus Maker Expo will be held on April 21. MakerX is a public festival of digital design and creation with over 60 exhibits and activities for all ages. The event will feature drones, robots, 3D printing, virtual reality and game development, electronic music and more. 

MakerX has been planned by an all-volunteer committee of educators from Columbus area schools and universities. It will take place from 10am to 5pm at the Performing Arts Center of Reynoldsburg City Schools (8579 Summit Rd, Reynoldsburg) on the 21st.

 “Maker festivals have been popular all over the world for more than ten years” said Dr. William Ball of Capital University and leader of the planning committee. “MakerX is the Columbus area’s maker festival with a distinctive focus on high technology designed to appeal to all ages. Additionally, the festival is being driven by schools and universities in the Columbus area, although there will be many exhibitors from community maker spaces, companies, professionals, clubs, and home workshops.”

Young black child smiling and wearing a red winter coat with a hood

 Operation Warm Continues Supporting Low-Income Kids with Help from Community

Chadds Ford, PA – Since 1998, Operation Warm, a national nonprofit dedicated to providing brand new winter coats to children in need, has gifted more than 2.5 million coats. Due to the expansion of giving efforts across the U.S., Operation Warm has launched its first ever ‘Volunteer Brigade,’ a highly trained force to give more coats to kids in need.

This past year, Operation Warm was able to give coats to 325,000 children with the help of community organizations, foundations, and business partners. This was an especially impressive feat, given that the organization has under 25 full time staff members. According to school administrators, Operation Warm coats provided not just warmth, but confidence and hope as well.

Back of man wearing an ICE police vest taking a dark-skinned man into custody with handcuffs on

It’s easy to nowadays to casually flip through the newspaper, “Such a shame,” we say. Crying babies and images of ICE agents cover the front page. “Too bad, those poor kids.” And yet we turn to the next page; these are only problems in border states. Besides, it doesn’t affect us...right?

Each day, it seems, new foreign policy changes appear in the newspaper headlines: increased border security to deter Central American illegal immigration, harsher and speedier deportation laws, the end of the DACA program, as well as the proposed travel ban which would limit travelers and immigrants from Chad, North Korea Venezuela, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen.

We skim these headlines, our eyes glancing over writers addressing important questions; What would America be without its immigrants? More importantly, how would the immigrant policies affect our local communities?

Three squares, one at bottom right with a black map of the U.S. and windmills at top with words Ready for 100% and two other squares one bottom right and one top with views of the river from above

Ready for 100 Columbus, a campaign to persuade the city of Columbus to commit to achieving 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 or before, is hosting an aerial art photography project on Earth Day.

Ready for 100 Columbus is launching its public campaign for 100 percent renewable energy with an aerial art project at this year’s Earth Day Columbus celebration.

Ready for 100 is a national campaign by the Sierra Club aimed at inspiring leaders in cities across the nation to embrace a vision of healthier communities powered by 100% clean energy. The Columbus campaign’s goal is to persuade the city of Columbus to commit to 100 percent renewable energy citywide by the year 2050.

The aerial art project will feature Columbus residents gathering in formation on the Scioto Mile greenway to spell out “100%”, which will be captured by a professional photographer with the Columbus city skyline in the background. The project will be held in conjunction with the annual Earth Day Columbus celebration, sponsored by Green Columbus on Sunday, April 22.


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