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Editor's Note: Thanks to a secret satirical recording device implanted into Donald Trump's hair, an actual fake transcript has emerged from the fake president's recent meeting with his actual owner, Vladimir Putin. Reader discretion is advised:

TRUMP: Well, Putie, I think we can talk frankly now. There will be no recording of this part of our conversation.

PUTIN (chuckling): Right, Donald. I would never record anything between us without letting you know first. At the KGB we made it a strict policy to honor the privacy of all citizens, Russian, American, Chechnyan and, of course, Siberian, where so many of our great patriots are still so happy to do volunteer labor.

TRUMP: Well first I must thank you for putting me in the White House. I could never have stolen the 2016 election without you.

Trump and Clinton each at a podium looking like they are yelling

Hillary Clinton's margin of victory in the 2016 vote count continues to climb, at this point well over a million. 

But her impending defeat in the Electoral College comes with familiar signs that the election was stripped and flipped.

These indicators include the realities of pre- and post-election polling; the massive stripping of primarily black, Hispanic and Asian-American voters from computer generated registration rolls mostly maintained by private partisan companies; unverifiable "black box" electronic voting machines and central tabulators, also mostly manufactured and maintained by private corporations, and much more.

Were this election held in any other country, the US State Department and independent monitors from around the world would denounce it as a fraud, and contemplate international intervention. 

The Electoral College

Feminism has a crucial role to play in modern life, but I sometimes wish it would leave our fairy tales alone. The results of its revisionist meddling are too often unconvincing and unsatisfying.

Remember last year’s Maleficent? It turned an age-old story on its head by revealing that the fairy (Angelina Jolie) who turned a princess into a “Sleeping Beauty” was not evil at all. No, she was merely wronged and misunderstood. Worst of all, we learned that the somnambulant princess could not be awakened by a kiss from the handsome prince, but only by a motherly peck from that same fairy.

How heartwarming. And how utterly unromantic.

Thank goodness Disney’s new live-action version of Cinderella doesn’t wear its feminism on its sleeve. It has nods to modern sensibilities, to be sure, but they’re handled with a lighter touch.

Man in a suit with a huge elephant head pointing at a green blackboard that has words about voter suppression

The US Supreme Court may be about to make a second Trump term inevitable.

The nine "Justices" have just heard oral arguments in an Ohio voter registration case. If their decision goes with Secretary of State Jon Husted, it would mean Republicans like him throughout the United States will be able to scrub from the voter rolls millions of citizens merely because they are suspected of wishing to vote Democrat.

In Ohio alone, millions of Ohio voters have tried to vote on Election Day over the past four presidential elections, only to find their names were erased from the pollbooks.

What's technically at stake is whether the federal government has the right to demand fairness in purging voter registration rolls. Or will the secretaries of the various states be free to purge whomever they want.

In other words, it's supposedly a "state’s rights" case.

But this is a country where an Attorney-General who fought for state’s rights to avoid accepting racial integration is now overriding the explicit choice of some thirty states to enjoy legal marijuana.

SPAN-OHIO in a circle with the words Single-Payer Action Network Ohio

On December 6th, HB 440, the Ohio Health Security Act, was introduced to the Ohio House by Representatives Teresa Fedor and Bernadine Kennedy Kent.  

Today we received the notice of the first hearing of this bill, the Sponsor’s Hearing, on Wednesday, January 24th at 10:00 am.  The hearing will take place in the Statehouse in Room 116.  

The hearing will be conducted by the Insurance committee.  The members of the committee are:   Thomas Brinkman (R), Chair, Michael Henne (R), Vice Chair, John Boccieri (D), Michael Ashford (D), Kristin Boggs (D), Andrew Brenner (R), Bill Dean (R), Anne Gonzales (R), Glenn Holmes (D), Larry Householder (R), Stephen Huffman (R), Sarah LaTourette (R), Wes Rutherford (R).

We need to have as many people as possible show up for this hearing.  We need to fill the room and spill out into the hallway.   The members of the committee need to know that we are serious and that we can show up in large numbers.  As Representative Fedor said to us,

Dark green background and letters OHCRN

House JointResolution 5 (HJR 5), introduced in fall 2017 in both houses of the Ohio General Assembly, would dramatically change the already-difficult process to amend the Ohio Constitution and is stealthily making its way through the Ohio General Assembly.

Older white man in suit with red tie at a brown podium looking down, smiling and talking into a mic

On January 17, former U.S. Congressman and former Mayor of Cleveland, Dennis Kucinich (D) announced his candidacy for governor of Ohio. He outlined a campaign strategy entitled "Power to We The People." He noted that he is "not owned by anybody and not beholden to 'wealthy interest groups.''' 

The former presidential candidate has a 30-point agenda that will rebuild Ohio's infrastructure, bolster the public school system, dismantle "the prison-industrial complex," and promote clean air, water and energy in the state.

See video of his speech:

Black background and white letters saying Support Solidarity & Community Black, Queer and Trans Folx

Thursday, January 18, 2018, 6:00 – 8:00 PM.
Come on out to our first meeting of the year! We will be going over plans for the #BlackPride4's weeklong trial (which starts February 5) and discussing proposals for Community Pride.  The library and room are wheelchair accessible. Please message us if you need any accommodations such as an interpreter or childcare.  Location:  Columbus Metropolitan Library, Parsons Branch, meeting room 3, 1113 Parsons Avenue, Columbus 43206.  
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Drug-Induced Iatrogenic Disorders - The Third Leading Cause of Death in the US and Britain


By Gary G. Kohls, MD


Definition of an “iatrogenic” disorder: A disorderinadvertently induced by a health caregiver because of a surgical, medical, drug or vaccine treatment or by a diagnostic procedure.



In last week’s column I wrote that iatrogenic disorders (a doctor-, drug-, vaccine-, surgery- or other medical treatment-caused disorder) were the third leading cause of death in the US. That revelation may have ruffled the feathers of some readers, particularly if they were employed in the medical professions, so I am enlarging on that statement in this week’s column.


In 2000, a commentary article was written by Dr Barbara Stanfield, MD, MPH. It was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA, July 26, 2000—Vol 284, No. 4).



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