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Strange looking bright blue and white handgun
16 September 2018

If you are a regular reader of my soon-to-be Pulitzer Prize winning work, you probably think the title this week refers to the usual procrastination and...

Big inflated balloon shaped like a fat baby in a diaper with orange skin and large yellow hair flowing at the top with his mouth open held up high in the air by strings
18 July 2018

The week of July 9th took me back to a world my young daughter left behind years ago. A leader is choosing like-minded friends for his team no matter how...

Charicature of a white man with receding hairline and a suit looking worried
07 July 2018

My recent absence from The Columbus Free Press was thanks to a family trip to the land down under. I temporarily escaped the tire fire that is...

Dark gray handgun lying sideways on a table with gold bullets strewn around it
29 May 2018

I sat down last week ready to say how the week before had bruised my ego. Some (very, very few) progressives won Democratic primaries and the...

Caricature of white lady with glasses and brown hair
15 May 2018

An amazing amount of progress has been made over the past month or so. America has catapulted itself all the way from the 1990s to 2016. The furthest-right...

Young looking Asian man with no smile but clapping his hands
09 May 2018

Well, not really a vacuum. The past three weeks have been more like the space between our planets which is actually full of all kinds of stuff but doesn’t...