Remarks at No Foreign Bases Conference, Baltimore, MD, January 13, 2018

I get to introduce three terrific speakers to you on the topic of Latin America and the Caribbean, but first I’m allowed to say what I’m thinking for five minutes, so I’ll do that. I’m thinking that the first European bases on this coast were foreign bases, that they moved west, and that the practice has never paused. I live almost next door to the former home of James Monroe whose Monroe Doctrine, as evolved and abused over the centuries, ought to be buried. The U.S. policy of antidemocratically and often violently seeking to dominate the nations to its south, in the name of preventing some other force from doing so, has seen its shelf-life expire. The communism excuse is gone. The terrorism and drugs excuses are weak and getting weaker.

Black man in foreground, Martin Luther King Jr. surrounded by other men with sign above saying Now

As the nation prepares to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – one of our greatest Americans – on Monday, President Donald Trump offers a stark contrast in leadership.

The best way to react to Mr. Trump’s latest decidedly non-Presidential outburst is not with anger at his incendiary, vulgar and racially-charged remarks this week about immigrants from “shithole countries.”

The best response is to do what Dr. King fought so hard for. It is to get registered to vote and then to cast ballots in massive and historic numbers. The 2018 midterm elections are just around the corner.

Now more than ever, we must continue Dr. King’s movement to “redeem the soul of America.”

Hours after the world-wide fire storm ignited by his vile words, Mr. Trump is denying saying them. But Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois was in the room where it happened and said today at Chicago’s 32rd annual breakfast celebrating the life of Dr. King that it is “exactly what [Mr. Trump] said and he said it repeatedly.”

When it comes to veracity, I’ll put my faith in the Senator from the Land of Lincoln.

Photo of black woman with shoulder length black curly hair wearing a black top with white collar smiling at the camera

Everything above my shoulders is in agony. I’ve spent an entire week rolling my eyes, shaking my head, and gritting my teeth. I actually rolled my eyes so viciously my wife started calling me Liz Lemon. This week regrettably has been one which left my respect for American liberals hanging by a thread.  Liberals and devotees of the elected left reminded me how extraordinarily hypocritical they are and how dangerously short their memories are.

Latino man in foreground with drum around his neck and hitting it with drumsticks, his mouth open chanting, wearing a shirt that says Boycott Wendys with a picture of a girl's head with red pigtails and a No sign around it (circle with line through it) and a Latino woman behind him holding a bright orange and yellow sign also with her mouth open chanting

Sunday, January 14, 2018, 2pm
Scores of students, community members and people of faith from over 20 campuses across nation will join together with congregation and community members to demonstrate at the Wendy’s located at 2004 N. High St. The protest is a culmination of a weekend of student strategizing alongside the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to further engage their communities and campuses in the Wendy’s Boycott during 2018.
What: Demonstration to call on Wendy’s to sign the CIW’s Fair Food Program and for OSU to cut their contract with the fast food giant.
Where: Wendy’s located at 2004 N High St
When: Sunday, January 14  at 2 PM

Older man with receding gray hair with a strange look on his face

We are currently in the political twilight zone. Nothing concrete has been affected since the tax reform vote, and Congress hasn’t been back in session long enough to do its usual damage. Plenty has been said, but it is not yet clear exactly what will happen, or in which direction each action will cause the nation to move. We are effectively stuck between optimism for the new year and a gnawing fear of what is likely to occur.

A big I then a marijuana leaf and below the letters OH

Saturday, Jan. 13, 6:30-11pm
1021 E. Broad St., Columbus (parking in rear, east side door)
Join progressive friends for food, drink, and great music.
Presentation on the year of cannabis in Ohio.
Contact: or 614-253-2571

A drawing of two arms up in the air with fists where there are handcuffs being broken in two, a yellow burst of color where the handcuffs broke, and the words in red below, Human Trafficking Awareness

Thursday, January 11, 8:30am-4pm, Ohio Statehouse

State Representative Teresa Fedor has worked tirelessly to overcome what she considers to be the human rights issue of our time — Human Trafficking. This year, she is joined by State Representative Tavia Galonski as co-host of the Human Trafficking Awareness Day and partner in fighting human trafficking.

The partnerships that have developed during this period have been invaluable moving this effort forward. As a way to highlight those partnerships and to continue to advance this issue, she will host the Ninth Annual Ohio Human Trafficking Awareness Day at the Ohio Statehouse on Thursday, January 11. The focus this year will be on the survivors! We will be running panels, both morning and afternoon, which will focus on three specific goals:

• End all forms of Human Trafficking

• Increase Housing and Services for Survivors

• Job Training and Employment for Survivors

In order to do this, we have six panels that will run concurrently, both morning and afternoon, along with a luncheon speaker, and, at the end of the day, a survivors’ panel.

Definition: An iatrogenic disease is an illness that occurs as a result of a therapeutic or diagnostic procedure undertaken on a patient; a healthcare professional-caused disease, usually due to properly-prescribed prescription drugs, vaccines or surgical procedures.



The following information concerns the serious toxic effects of fluoroquinolone antibiotics - which include Bayer’s Cipro, Janssen’s Levaquin, Bayer’s Avelox, Merck’s Noroxin, Pfizer’s Trovan and the generic drug Ofloxacin.


The information outlined below is excerpted from three sources that I have only become aware of recently.


Big white capitol building with columns and turrets above windows in the background, lots of people posing in front holding placards each with a letter spelling out NARAL PRO-CHOICE OHIO

Wednesday, January 10, 9:45am
Ohio Statehouse
Once again the Ohio legislature is attacking access to abortion in Ohio. This time by forcing abortion providers to follow different rules for disposal of biological tissues than all other medical providers. These regulations do not improve the health and well being of women in our state. They are regulations aimed at shaming women who chose abortion and forcing abortion clinics to close.
Email your state senator today and tell them to vote NO on SB 28, and to get to work on bills that improve our health and well being, rather that continue to restrict access to health care services:


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