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Photo of cop Michael Dowd
04 June 2015

  Police misbehavior has been a trending topic for months now. In case after case, officers have been accused of using excessive force, especially...

Photo of woman from movie
22 May 2015

If you watch the trailers for Tomorrowland—or if you just consider the fact that it’s a Disney film named after a Disney theme-park attraction—you...

Kristen Wiig as lottery winner and self-made TV star Alice Klieg in Welcome to Me
06 May 2015

After seeing her dance to Sia’s “Chandelier” at the Grammys, I’ve come to the conclusion that Kristen Wiig can do just about anything.

She excels in...

Black and white image from film
03 May 2015

The Salt of the Earth may be the most gut-wrenching journey you’ll take this year. Also, the most moving.
  The documentary is about...

24 April 2015

Once again, a sci-fi flick is asking the burning question: Is romance possible between man and machine?

In 2013, Her made the prospect seem...

Maggie (Brooke Walters, left) sings “At the Ballet” with fellow auditioners Sheila (Kaitlin Descutner, center) and Bebe (Chrissy Stridsberg) in a scene from Short North Stage’s production of A Chorus Line
16 April 2015

This is a good time to be a Marvin Hamlisch fan.

  Not only can you...