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Photo from Hunting Ground - girl sitting alone and sad on porch
09 April 2015

An issue-driven documentary like The Hunting Ground aims to spur viewers into action. A common related goal is to make viewers angry.


02 April 2015

Shadowbox Live has had a series of triumphs over the past few months.

  A Tribute to Joe Cocker: Mad Dog and Englishman was a...

19 March 2015

  Some subjects are so controversial that it’s impossible to address them without raising extreme emotions.
  The Iraq War is one. Even...

12 March 2015

Feminism has a crucial role to play in modern life, but I sometimes wish it would leave our fairy tales alone. The results of its revisionist meddling are...

22 February 2015

Sexual practices involving bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism are sometimes lumped together under the acronym BDSM. Whatever you call them, they’re...

A scene from the movie "Most Violent Year"
28 January 2015

There likely have been hundreds of films about men trying to tear themselves away from a life of crime. The scenario invariably involves taking part in one...