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Did you miss the Free Press Second Saturday Cyber-Salon ?

If so, here's a run-down of what happened and how you can be involved next time!

Over 50 people attended the May 9th Free Press Second Saturday Cyber-Salon from 7-9pm via Zoom. Our face-to-face salons used to be only for local people, but now anyone from anywhere in the world can participate!

Brian Clash started it off singing the Crosby, Sills, Nash & Young "Four Dead in Ohio" song. In May, as in April. the Free Press’s Bob Fitrakis and Suzanne Patzer led the program. At the beginning we discussed the Kent State/Jackson State killings in 1970 and the anti-war movement on OSU campus that led to the start of the Columbus Free Press. Several people at the salon had experienced the OSU riots that preceded the Kent State shootings and continued as the longest student riot of any campus in history. Candy Watkins, Ernst Wehausen, Mark Stansbery, Chip, Harvey Wasserman and others shared their stories from that turbulent time. Ernst showed many of his photos from the incidents on OSU campus, with many early Free Press founders pictured. 

Mark Stansbery announced the "Building Resistance - 50 years of Student Rebellion" event that was moved from April to September. If you're interested in getting involved in planning this event, contact Mark at

Next, Harvey Wasserman and Cathy Cowan Becker presented their takes on the recent controversial film by Jeff Gibbs, produced by Michael Moore entitled "Planet of the Humans." You can view it on YouTube here: 

They were highly critical of the documentary, citing how it touted decade-old facts and figures about the viability of renewable energies. Most of the salon-goers agreed that the film misrepresented the environmental movement and renewable energies but there was a spirited discussion in the chat and with the attendees.

For another critical take on the film, see this short film: Planet of the Humans: Let's Just Have a Think -
This film also quotes from Cathy Cowan Becker, who also wrote an article about the documentary:

Bill Lyons reported the latest news about the Columbus Community Bill of Rights petition drive and how the coronavirus is affecting their efforts. Brian Clash closed out the evening with Phil Ochs' "I Ain't Marching Anymore" and his own "People have the Power!"

You can view the recording of the Salon on our Free Press Network YouTube channel:

We are asking everyone reading this to reach out to like-minded people throughout the country and the world who may want to join the next Second Saturday Cyber-Salon via Zoom on June 13. 

When the time comes, find the link on the Free Press Facebook page:

Each month we will send you the links people discussed during the salon - listed below--
Our speakers noted some important causes, events and websites, listed here:
Columbus Free Press website
1970 campus riot-related:
Roger Doyle: Spring of 70

Roger Barriteau's album OSU Spring 1970 Demonstrations - Self Defense

Tear Gas and "Atmosphere Governance"

Mike Alewitz video The Kent State Massacre and The Global Fight for Socialist Revolution 
Planet of the Humans discussion-related:
Planet of the Humans video
Planet of the Humans: Let's Just Have a Think
Michael Moore’s environment film a slap in the face on Earth Day by Cathy Cowan Becker
Michael Moore Presents: A Livestream Discussion and Q&A With Extinction Rebellion
Need to Grow video
Dannon yogurt factory powered by solar + storage in Minster, Ohio -
China Is Set To Become The World's Renewable Energy Superpower

Columbus Community Bill of Rights petition drive issue:
COVID-19’s Unique Impact on Columbus Petition Drive Heats Up 

Hope to see you at the next one!
Pete Johnson
President, Columbus Institute for contemporary Journalism

Contact: 614-253-2571