Comic book characters
14 January 2021

Wednesday, January 13–Saturday, January 16
Comic book fans of all ages: get ready for the ninth annual Schomburg Black Comic Book Festival, the virtual edition!
Each year, the Schomburg Center’s Black Comic Book Festival ...

Face drawn crying on a piece of wood
02 July 2020

As a sociologist, my area of specialty is the study of social movements. Specifically, I am interested in how social movements represent themselves visually. In other words, protest art is something I can really geek out on.


Book cover
27 April 2020

Maybe you are out of work. Maybe you are like me, and have worked online for some time. Regardless of your situation, chances you are at least somewhat more homebound than you used to be. This month’s foray into nerdery dips...

Screen showing an online game
24 March 2020

I am writing this article in what we presume to be the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is scared. There aren’t many people outside, gas prices are very low, and people are panic-buying groceries. Unless you are reading this...

How did this get played with two podcast hosts
03 March 2020

Toxic masculinity can be defined as a set of behaviors that are generally perceived to be “manly,” but can be harmful to either the person exhibiting them or those who surround that person. An obvious example of toxic masculinity is a...

A man with a gray beard
03 February 2020

There is a common misconception that all videogames are inherently violent. This simply isn’t true. Just like books or television, there are some games that are violent for the sake of violence, others may be art with violent elements,...


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