Movie poster from Joker movie with Joker outside leaning back with arms spread wide
11 October 2019

“What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a society who abandons him and treats him like trash?” asks Joker. Directed by Todd Philips and starring Joaquin Phoenix, Joker was a sweaty and melancholy telling of how Batman’...

Creepy doll head in blue light
04 September 2019

In the abandoned hinterlands of Stripmallovia, aka the outskirts of Columbus near Reynoldsburg, a group of artists have transformed an empty big box store into a sprawling interactive weird choose-your-own-adventure art exhibit you can...

Extreme close up of black man's hand wearing a watch typing on a laptop
11 August 2019

There is a serious problem with diversity facing the cybersecurity field. While all minorities struggle to find a foothold in the world of cybersecurity, the dearth of African Americans is one of the most egregious with...

Words Magic the Gathering with characters behind it
05 August 2019

The classic fantasy card game “Magic The Gathering” (MTG) has been producing new art and play mechanics for nearly the past three decades. I grew up playing tabletop and card games, mostly competitive Pokemon when I was young. But Magic...

Spiderman in red and blue leotard hanging from a thread swinging out from a burning building
08 July 2019

Spider-Man movies generally pit the reluctant superhero against two powerful foes: (1) a monster bent on mass destruction and (2) teenage angst. The monster is always vanquished in the end, while the angst survives to be dealt with all...

Camera angle looking from ground up at four decked out women with bright orange, pink and rainbow colored fluffy feathery bedazzled outfits
03 June 2019

Are you a fan of The Grateful Dead? Bluegrass and funk? A variety of art performance and talent all packed together over a three-day weekend event? I think it’s time you prepare for next year’s Dark Star Jubilee festival, where you can...


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