People raising fists to a man's image with words War is Peace
06 December 2016

In a better timeline, I’d be writing this month about local comic and toy shops, or the new Pokémon games, or the diversity of Overwatch. It wouldn’t be a perfect timeline, there would still be a need to stay awake about the geek side...

Photo of Nintendo
24 October 2016

Since the mid-90s, Nintendo has been an outlier in the video game industry. Despite a museum exhibit’s worth of attempts by everyone from Sega to Nokia to break into the portable console market, Nintendo’s iconic Game Boy and its later...

CXC logo
30 September 2016

Last fall, a group of local comic artists and art curators from Central Ohio introduced Columbus to Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (abbreviated as CXC), a new kind of comics convention that mixed fandom with academia and treated the medium...

World of Warcraft Legion logo with demon
29 August 2016

A while back I wrote about something a lot of geeks have struggled with: nostalgia for the juggernaut of the MMORPG scene, World of Warcraft. Most of us have played it at one time or another – some to the exclusion of everything else in...

The three women in uniforms with ghost busting guns and foggy stuff around their feet
05 August 2016

To be honest, I don’t think I can write about this year’s Ghostbusters reboot with any objectivity. But let’s just admit up front that objectivity in media reviews isn’t even a thing that exists, despite what Gamergate seems to think....

Pokemon Go screenshot
15 July 2016

Layered over our city is another reality, a virtual world of Pikachus and Squirtles and… lots and LOTS of Drowzees, for some reason. (What’re you implying about Columbus, Niantec?) The Grandview post office is now a Pokemon gym,...


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