Origins exhibitor hall
01 June 2016

For many people, summer is a time for beach vacations and hiking trips. But for us, it’s convention season. And while some of Columbus’ regular cons are...

Movie logo
06 May 2016

A note on those notorious spoilers: I'll be talking about plot elements of "Captain America: Civil War" in this review, but for your spoiler protection I’ll avoid revealing anything specific that’s not in the trailers. But if you’ve...

04 May 2016

It’s been nearly two years since a mob of entitled straight white males took on the uncreative handle of “Gamergate” (Can we stop with the “gate”s already?) to...

Words Stardew Valley like the letters are made out of woo
30 March 2016

One of the current top-selling games on Steam, the PC gaming equivalent of iTunes or Google Play, is a surprising little indie charmer. Right up there alongside...

Deadpool character pointing a gun at a teddy bear
02 March 2016

Marvel and Fox Studios’ R-rated superhero action/comedy Deadpool, a gamble of a movie that required some “leaked” test footage and a fan campaign just to get made, is now breaking box office records. In addition to a stellar...

Spiderman lounging
15 February 2016

Fans of Deadpool-the-character are an odd mix of fratbros and social justice types. He's a violent antihero mercenary straight from the Xtreme days of early 90s comics whose repartee tends toward adolescent humor, but he's also a...


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