White brwon-haired man with glasses singing at a mic with a guitar around his neck and he's pointing up in the air
31 October 2018

They Might Be Giants (TMBG) has gained a lot of traction within the last year. With their latest full album “I Like Fun” being in the top 40 charts and an international tour, things are looking better than ever for this band. A...

Cartoon of Penguin on top of a map of the state of Ohio with the word FEST in front of it
02 October 2018

The Ohio Linux Fest (OLF) will be at the Ohio Convention Center this October 12-13. OLF is like a Comfest for people who love computers, and specifically the free software known as GNU/Linux (winks at Richard Stallman).

OLF is...

Information about the event
21 September 2018

Three comics and two records are being released by Nix Comics in September, 2018. All three comics will debut the week of Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC), beginning with a release party at Used Kids Records Thursday,...

Logo of a blue shield with Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game 200 YCS
12 September 2018

To celebrate the 200th tournament of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series (YCS), three concurrent events will be held across the globe in the United States, Mexico and the Netherlands across two days where top Duelists around the world...

White woman in a Renaissance looking gown playing guitar on stage to a crowd standing under the sign Matsuricon
30 July 2018

Columbus is home to several annual conventions appealing to the gaming, fantasy, comic book enthusiasts and the general geek community. There's the Origins Game Fair, Marcon fantasy and science fiction convention, the Ohayocon anime...

Four people dressed in geeky costumes
16 July 2018

July 19-22
Renaissance Columbus downtown hotel
The heart of the annual GeeklyCon is the board game room, Dungeons and Dragons is just one of the dozens of board games available to play with new geekly friends. But there...


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