White woman in a Renaissance looking gown playing guitar on stage to a crowd standing under the sign Matsuricon
30 July 2018

Columbus is home to several annual conventions appealing to the gaming, fantasy, comic book enthusiasts and the general geek community. There's the Origins Game Fair, Marcon fantasy and science fiction convention, the Ohayocon anime...

Four people dressed in geeky costumes
16 July 2018

July 19-22
Renaissance Columbus downtown hotel
The heart of the annual GeeklyCon is the board game room, Dungeons and Dragons is just one of the dozens of board games available to play with new geekly friends. But there...

Flying drone with four wing-looking things out to the sides curving up
02 July 2018

Drones have been seen buzzing above our heads at rallies, starting around the time of the 2016 election and during the aftermath of huge women’s and climate change marches in 2017. The sight of millions of people in the street from a...

Lots of people smiling and sitting around a table posing for the camera, board games on the table
23 June 2018

Dave & Busters with Individuals with Disabilities - 6/27/18
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
3665 Park Mill Run Drive, Hilliard
Franklin County Recreation is teaming up with Dave & Busters to offer this event for...

Robot looking character in red suit and helmet standing by and in front of structures made out of legos
18 June 2018

A huge Legoland Discovery Center is slated to open at Easton September 21 for the tiny geeks in your life. The Center is supposed to be 36,000 square feet and cost $10 million, according to Business First.

What will you...

Blue background with words Classics to 2020
17 June 2018

June 17, 2018, 7-10pm
3428 3rd Ave, Grove City, 43123
There will be major designers from all around the world. Gaming sessions on all consoles that our attendees can play. Food will be sereved and also having a keynote...


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