Female superhero comicbook character wearing a tight blue onesie, a red belt, gold epaulets on the shoulders. short blonde hair very spiky against a blue sky with clouds
05 March 2018

Since Pepper Potts in the very first Iron Man movie in 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us solid, well-written women – in supporting roles. And when it comes to feature films, that’s where it’s kept them. Even the...

Lots of black people's faces and bodies posing like a movie poster wearing superhero type clothes against a blue background that looks high tech
30 January 2018

There's a simple fact about geek media that's well-known to every woman, every person of color, every queer person who has ever been a fan, but which seems to completely escape an awful lot of the cishet white men, something which the...

Older man with unkempt gray long hair and a beard looking intensely at the camera wearing a cape
03 January 2018

Your heroes aren’t perfect. That’s the lesson of The Last Jedi, the latest feature film installment in the Star Wars series. Your heroes aren’t perfect, and they can’t single-handedly save the universe. Sometimes they...

The word loading in purple at the bottom and lines going around in a circle on the right side
06 December 2017

Do you use the internet? Like, at all? On your phone, on your laptop, on a big glowing gaming rig or a desktop held together with chewing gum and good thoughts? Then you should know we’re on the cusp of something that could...

A red and white background with a superhero character all in black with his back to us and his collar up in the back holding what looks like guns in each hand and facing a transformers looking monster man
31 October 2017

For the last several decades, since we got enough distance between us and World War II for them to be a hypothetical threat rather than an active one, Nazis have been stock villains. And so normally no one would think it...

White image of a round circle with an oval around it and blue in the background
03 October 2017

For the first time in 12 years (or longer, if you’ve forgotten Enterprise existed), there’s a new Star Trek series. Set about a decade before the original series, Star Trek: Discovery follows a Black woman captain (...


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