Round official seal with gold braided outside rim and blue around the circle that has words Department of Justice and an eagle facing left with wings held high on top of a shield with flag colors red, white and blue,
30 August 2017

I’ve written before about the importance of practicing good information security habits to the politically-minded who are also Good With Computers, but for the most part, it’s been just that – practice – to most of us unless we’re out...

Spiderman laying on his back
01 August 2017

No longer will we have to explain to our less superhero-obsessed friends why Spider-Man doesn’t do things with the Avengers in the movies even though he’s a Marvel character. After his appearance in Captain America: Civil War, we...

Scary looking flying dragon-like creature with open mouth and fangs
04 July 2017

So, fair disclosure: Transformers is my primary fandom, and it has been since before Michael Bay got involved. That means I have Opinions. Yes, capital-O ones.

Two years ago, I wrote that the fourth movie in the series, Age of...

Cartoon of girl black/white on one side and on color on a computer surrounded by technical symbols
31 May 2017

So far, the Trump administration has been every bit the worst case scenario we feared. And while some of the agendas of his underlings have been thwarted by just how outlandishly villainous they are, others are more likely to slip under...

Guy dressed as superhero with star on chest and big A on forehead mask standing against stormy sky saying in a word bubble "Hail Hydra"
02 May 2017

For the last several years, Marvel Comics has been getting things (mostly) right. While DC has been stopping lesbian marriages and wallowing in nostalgia for the days when Batgirl was assaulted and crippled just to make Batman mad,...

Big eagle flying with someone on its back
15 April 2017

There’s a predictable cycle to pop culture phenomenons: hyper popularity for a few years, followed by dismissal as something that’s “over,” followed eventually by nostalgia. World of Warcraft, once the online game ...


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