Cartoon of girl black/white on one side and on color on a computer surrounded by technical symbols
31 May 2017

So far, the Trump administration has been every bit the worst case scenario we feared. And while some of the agendas of his underlings have been thwarted by just how outlandishly villainous they are, others are more likely to slip under...

Guy dressed as superhero with star on chest and big A on forehead mask standing against stormy sky saying in a word bubble "Hail Hydra"
02 May 2017

For the last several years, Marvel Comics has been getting things (mostly) right. While DC has been stopping lesbian marriages and wallowing in nostalgia for the days when Batgirl was assaulted and crippled just to make Batman mad,...

Big eagle flying with someone on its back
15 April 2017

There’s a predictable cycle to pop culture phenomenons: hyper popularity for a few years, followed by dismissal as something that’s “over,” followed eventually by nostalgia. World of Warcraft, once the online game ...

Round circle logo of national security agency with eagle in the middle
05 April 2017

Last year, the FCC passed rules that restricted internet service providers, both home and mobile, to only  being able to disclose customers’ online habits on an opt-in basis – you would have to explicitly say they could, versus having...

Gray electronic devices
21 March 2017

These days, every new console launch is followed by an online flood of complaints about quality control issues. Far too many original Nintendo DS systems showed up with dead pixels. The Xbox 360 was plagued by vague Red Ring of Death “...

Man with a beard close to the camera
06 March 2017

Let’s just get this much out of the way: Yes, Logan is a really, really good movie. And it’s finally the movie the character deserves.

For most superheroes, for your Captain Americas and your Batmans, an explosion-laden...


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