Comic book with Captain America punching a Nazi
02 March 2017

Sometimes the real world needs heroes. And sometimes those heroes need inspiration.

To anyone only passingly familiar with Captain America, it's easy to assume he's nothing more than the embodiment of blind patriotism. A muscled-...

Cartoon girl character in a cape
20 February 2017

For years, Nintendo publicly dragged its feet about entering the mobile games market. It had dominated mobile gaming in its own way for decades, with the Game Boy and its descendants up to the current 3DS and the upcoming hybrid Switch...

Big blue apostrophe-looking symbol with a key hole in the middle
31 January 2017

For a lot of IT geeks, information security – InfoSec – has been little more than a hobby that lets us delve into the world of online spy tech. Most of us haven’t been doing anything any more illegal than the occasional movie torrent or...

Girl in the air like she's kickboxing
04 January 2017

The year that seemed determined to crush hopes and smother dreams did have a few bright spots. For instance, the biggest competitive video game of 2016 also happens to be impressively diverse.

Created from the ashes (and creative...

People raising fists to a man's image with words War is Peace
06 December 2016

In a better timeline, I’d be writing this month about local comic and toy shops, or the new Pokémon games, or the diversity of Overwatch. It wouldn’t be a perfect timeline, there would still be a need to stay awake about the geek side...

Photo of Nintendo
24 October 2016

Since the mid-90s, Nintendo has been an outlier in the video game industry. Despite a museum exhibit’s worth of attempts by everyone from Sega to Nokia to break into the portable console market, Nintendo’s iconic Game Boy and its later...


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