Green, blue, yellow red and purple hands reaching up
09 June 2019

There are ways for straight and cis people to be supportive to the LGBTQ+ community that are more impactful than attending a Pride parade as an onlooker or marcher:

1. Volunteer with organizations that are putting on Pride events...

Words Health Insurance Policy with a squiggly line below
29 May 2019

Even when a person has health insurance, healthcare in the U.S. is largely inaccessible. Copays and deductibles are enough to put people in thousands of dollars of debt....

Two older women at a rally holding a sign saying Trust Women
19 May 2019

Although the attack on reproductive rights has vamped up in previous months, the last week has been especially exhausting, with some of the most restrictive...

09 May 2019

Ohio is full of vibrant and progressive communities, and it is a proud state to be from. But we are in the middle of an opioid crisis that is hurting people who are struggling with addiction all across the state, and their friends and...

A sign saying This embassy belongs to the elected government of Venezuela
08 May 2019

Democracy vs. Imperialism  

Kovalik’s latest book ...


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