Sky with clouds and a tall antenna
13 February 2019

[ An earlier version of this article was posted on ...

Men and women holding fists in air and blue, red, yellow flag and colors swirling around in background
07 February 2019

Naked Imperialism

Barely one in five Venezuelans knows who Juan Guaidó is. His...

Round black circle with rainbow stick figures in a circle in the middle and words Kaleidoscope Youth Center
23 January 2019

Kaleidoscope Youth Center (KYC) is excited to announce that we are now directly serving and supporting homeless and housing insecure LGBTQIA+ youth and young adults with the introduction of three new housing programs! Since...

Black and white photo of person lying on the ground under a tree
06 January 2019

Longtime Columbus residents understand some of the inherent causes that lead to homelessness in our community. Tax abatements for high-end real estate developments and a...

Top side of a capitol building and words Government Shutdown
02 January 2019

As the new year begins and the old year ends, we begin another transition in our lives. We make our individual resolutions, our resolutions as couples and as a family. Some of us no longer make resolutions because we have failed to keep...

Lots of white people sitting in rows on wooden seats
01 January 2019

The “Offense Book of Books” kicks off their publication during three events in January.

Every once in a while something good seemingly falls into your lap. The proponent hearing on HB 440, the Ohio Health Security Act (OHSA) in...


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