The verdicts have been reached:

Wriply Bennet: Disorderly Conduct - Guilty
Failure to Obey - Guilty
Resisting Arrest - Guilty

Ashley: Disorderly Conduct - Guilty...

Day Five - #BlackPride4 Trial

Once again, the #BlackPride4 trial courtroom was packed. All seats were filled inside courtroom 13-A and there were another 20 or so community supporters in...

The courtroom was again full of #BlackPride4 supporters.

City Prosecutor Isaac Rinsky called the Chair of the Stonewall Board of Trustees, Dr. Tom McCartney, to the witness stand. McCartney...

Arts & Culture

Words Unite to End Racism April 3-5 washingtonn DC against a stone wall background
Monday, 19 February 2018
Wednesday, April 3- 5, 2018 Buses are going from around Ohio.  Sign up by March 1st! Registration. Cost: $75/person plus incidentals. Buses will depart Columbus approximately More information.  Facebook Event...




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A barn, silo, fenced in yard, curvy road leading to it, grass on the sides and hill with trees in background
12 February 2018

Most people generally feel that their piece of the American dream as landowners is located in the best part of the country. That, as landowners...

Cartoon of man in suit with tiny hands in the air and a big huge head with lots of wild yellow hair, his mouth open and looking upset
12 February 2018

A lot went on in national politics this week. After a benign start to February, the past seven days stunned us by providing plenty of drama to think about...

Big white stately building with round top and lots of windows behind a huge green truck with a big arm and huge shovel putting a ton of white snow in a big pile in front
04 February 2018

This week, January traveled to Switzerland and was humanely put out of its misery. The politically dreadful first chapter of 2018 contained a lot of “...

A woman looking like she's painted red, nude with her arms up across her breasts and hands with fingers spread near her throat. Her face is painted pure white and she has on a lot of makeup. Her hair is blonde, short and curly and the background is red.
29 January 2018

If I were to give a Damn the Witch Siren a Rorschach test to enable my intro paragraph description; I might show them clips of Lady Gaga, a drag queen...

Lots of black people's faces and bodies posing like a movie poster wearing superhero type clothes against a blue background that looks high tech
30 January 2018

There's a simple fact about geek media that's well-known to every woman, every person of color, every queer person who has ever been a fan, but which seems...

Black background with white letters saying Gov Kasich don't resume executions in Ohio
10 February 2018

Great news! Today, Governor John Kasich announced he will grant a reprieve until October 17, 2018 to Ray Tibbetts, who had been scheduled for execution on ...

A piece of food on a plate with other similar items, looks like a baked potato with lots of greens, tomatoes, other brownish things on top.
30 January 2018

Trattoria Roma, located in the main downtown artery of Grandview, has a vegan friendly staff and excellent service level. They surprised me with...