Jewish Voice for Peace, along with many other national organizations, is a campaign partner of the “No Way to Treat a Child” campaign that seeks to challenge Israel’s prolonged military occupation...

On Independence Day this month, many people celebrated with fireworks and barbeques while forgetting the United States’ history of settler colonialism, slavery, genocide, imperialist wars and...

Ending bigotry has gone mainstream among the enlightened people of the developed world.

Did you spot the acceptable bigotry in that sentence?

We’re against racism, sexism, and more...

Action Alert

People outside at a rally holding signs saying Children out of detention and End Mandatory Detention Now
Thursday, 11 July 2019
From Unitarian Universalists Justice Ohio - Demand U.S. Legislators Defund Harmful Immigrant Enforcement Policies.  From the Friends Committee on National Legislation:  "The administration has demanded more money...




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A yellow street sign that shows a family running across a street and the words CAUTION against trees and the words below What Would Jesus Do?
10 July 2019

What would Jesus do about the undocumented immigrant crisis at our southern border?

He would walk with them to America but then hold up his hand and...

Latino people posing for camera looking grim, one man holding a sign that says #LetEdithStay We Stand with Edith
08 July 2019

Why neo-Nazis love Trump’s immigration policy

Remember when Trump muttered those despicable words “There’s good people on both sides...

Neon sign with a parrot, palm trees, and the words in script Jimmy Buffet and the word in large capitals Margaritaville
10 July 2019

Against my better judgment, in a couple of weeks I’ll be taking a trip up to Put-In-Bay with the family of one of my daughter’s friends. I say better...

Young white woman with glasses and brown hair tied back speaking and gesturing at a podium with two guys at the table behind her
09 July 2019

In this year’s elections around Athens County, Ohio, there are a number of independent candidates running for office, including several socialists.


Spiderman in red and blue leotard hanging from a thread swinging out from a burning building
08 July 2019

Spider-Man movies generally pit the reluctant superhero against two powerful foes: (1) a monster bent on mass destruction and (2) teenage angst. The monster...

Close up of a black man's face and the words Counter Histories Rock Hill
10 July 2019


Two great activist films are hitting the Columbus scene on July 28.

The Columbus International Film and Animation Festival (CIFAF), The...

Black woman outside at rally holding a sign that says Tax $ for Schools Not for Scabs
09 July 2019

On June 18, members of the Columbus Education Association and community supporters gathered downtown at the STRS Plaza to protest an impending move by the...

Plate of very brightly colorful food - green, purple, orange, red, yellow
08 July 2019

The Whole Thing is a budding fully-cooked, vegan catering company by Jessica Kapusta, that provides delicious vegan, gluten-free and other avoidant...