What did you miss this year that was really important? We depend on Project Censored to fill us in. The Free Press would like to cover everything – but just can’t do it in our monthly...

Human Rights Day – December 10

On December 10, 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. Since 1950, countless...

Well it took all of two weeks after the election, but as expected, our newly-elected Lieutenant Governor and objectively racist Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has pledged to continue the mass...

Action Alert

Large black statue of a man on a pedestal in front of a large white government building with many columns
Thursday, 13 December 2018
From the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence:  Governor Kasich needs your support to veto HB 228 – the Stand Your Ground Gun Legislation:  Although he is saying he doesn't like the bill as passed - (see...




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Smiling black man standing in a suit on a stage holding up a huge pair of women's undies that are white with two red harts on them
05 December 2018

How to put it politely? Naughty-naughty-naughty 85-year-old blues bandleader and singer Bobby Rush and his two equally naughty female dancers emphasized...

Black faced white bordered device like a radio with two round knobs facing out that look like eyes and lines in the middle that look like a mouth
05 December 2018

It’s that time of the year when conspicuous consumption disguises itself as altruism, and we are encouraged to purchase unnecessary goods for the people we...

A balding white guy with red framed glasses and facial hair smiling sitting at a table with his arm around a bald black man in a white and black designed sweater also smiling
04 December 2018

Who knew the war-torn Congo and Hollywood would meet in Ohio and make for a good movie subject?

Keida Mascaro – that's who. 

"I gotta make...

Backs of two men, one with a cop looking uniform on and the other with a sign that says Free Abortion on Deand ISO with a red fist
14 November 2018

The Young Americans for Freedom student group at Ohio State University hosted  a speech by Ben Shapiro, "New York Times best-selling author, conservative...

05 December 2018

Comune opened in the Nationwide Children’s Hospital corridor on Parsons Avenue in mid-November to the delight of the surrounding neighborhood. The...

Red white blue police badge type of patch
06 December 2018

When it comes to going incognito online and spouting-off on how you really feel about African-Americans, immigrants, leftists and poor people, the unhinged...