Young white man with brown hair and a Bexley T-shirt holding a small American flag
05 August 2019

I don’t typically get personal in my columns for The Free Press -- I usually rant about the latest antics of the two party system or the Ohio Republican Party -- but it’s time for me to reflect on my last year and a half in...

Gray haired white man with long face, black eyebrows looking worried
16 July 2019

January 25, 2001 - Imagine Columbus Alive's surprise last week when Nigel Rosser, a British journalist and reported confidant of the royal family, contacted us to inquire about Prince Andrew's central Ohio connection....

Young white woman with glasses and brown hair tied back speaking and gesturing at a podium with two guys at the table behind her
09 July 2019

In this year’s elections around Athens County, Ohio, there are a number of independent candidates running for office, including several socialists.

McCray Powell (I, Nelsonville) and Ellie Hamrick (I, Athens) are both running for...

Pretty black woman smiling with long black hair waving in the wind wearing a white shirt that is off one shoulder and words Becoming at top and MIchelle Obama below
18 June 2019

Never in the history of First Ladies’ memoirs has there been a book so eagerly awaited as the one written by Michelle Obama. When Becoming hit the stores on November 13, 2018, it took only a week for the book to rocket to No. 1...

Pretty purple and yellow herbs in a basket with greens and daisies
12 June 2019

What does a community herbalist do? “Many people are confused when they see my business cards. says ‘Lily Kunning, Community Herbalist.’ Some are familiar with clinical or medical herbalists and wonder if that means that I do not see...

Sideways drawing of a marijuana leaf as if it's blowing in the wind
03 June 2019

I fought for over 8 years for medical cannabis legalization for Ohio's patients so when it became a reality in 2016, I wanted to take what I learned in my years of patient advocacy and participate in Ohio's budding new green industry....


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