Trane DePriest

Personally: I'm creative. I'm a "glass-half-full" kind of guy. I love the sea, and I'm definitely a city-guy, but that doesn't keep me from enjoying getting my hands dirty.

Professionally: I draw, write, produce, shoot, and edit. I am a self-taught intermediate level programmer of HTML, DHTML, Actionscript, and Javascript. Studying VR/AR Development and Sustainable Business. Sometimes I take on freelance work as a web developer, videographer, editor, and/or producer.

My first contribution to The Columbus Free Press was as the cover artist for Harvey Wasserman's  article; 

Ohio's Crumbling Nukes Face Judgment Day

Articles by Author

Collage by Trane DePriest
01 August 2017

 You may already be thinking “there has to be a better way for us all to live together.” You may even have your own motivations...