Little boy holding a glass of water to the right and the words Safe water for our kids, Columbus no place for frack waste

There’s something Nasty in the Columbus Watershed.  In the Upper Scioto Watershed, farm crops are growing, cattle and sheep are grazing and in the middle of 13 of these farm fields, one can see an old oil well from days gone by - rickety, rusted, out of commission relics - one might think.


But these abandoned vertical oil wells have become something of a hot destination for the Fracking Industry.  When a well is fractured to release natural gas, millions of gallons of fresh water is mixed with toxic chemicals, and through the fracture process radioactive elements combine with the toxic water that flows back up.  This Frack water waste is so deadly that the industry is desperate to find ways to dispose of it.


In comes enterprising landowners and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).  ODNR permits this Toxic Frack Water Waste to be injected in these old abandoned vertical oil wells, and these wells don’t have holding tanks at the bottom - so the toxic waste, or “brine” as they like to call it, injected deep into the earth, rocks and soil, can leak, seep, spill and migrate into the Columbus Watershed, our drinking water source.


ODNR exacts a price per gallon injected from Ohio Frackers, they also import this waste from Pennsylvania and West Virginia to inject right here, in the Heart of it All.  Perhaps they’re thinking, out of sight, out of mind….. Insidious.


What can we do about this?


We are working hard to gather 9,000 valid Columbus voter signatures, the amount required to put a citizen-led ballot initiative on the Columbus ballot, so We can Vote in November to pass the Columbus Community Bill of Rights.  


This Bill of Rights (city ordinance) will give Columbus voters the right to say NO to oil & gas polluters.  It re-establish Home Rule or local control over shale oil & gas activities and infrastructure within our City.  And if neighboring communities are polluting our water, air or soil, the Columbus Community Bill of Rights gives Columbus citizens legal teeth to Stop the Harm.


Our Deadline to turn in the Signatures is June 26, 2018.  


What can You do Now?  


1. Share this Article.

2. Go to our website:;

3. Sign the hard copy Petition:  It’s not online.  

We will be at these festivals with Petition: 

*Asian Festival, Sat-Sun, May 26 - 27, Franklin Park -

*African American Festival, Sat, June 2, 11am-8pm - 

King-Lincoln District - 

*Columbus Arts Festival, Fri-Sun, June 8-10, Riverfront -

*Columbus Community Pride 2018:  Back to Our Roots - Sat, June 16, 

Mayme Moore Park, 240 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd - 

*Pride Fest, Fri&Sat, June 15-16, Bicentennial Park -

  *ComFest, Fri-Sun, June 22-24, Goodale Park -

We have a booth here - last chance to sign.

4. Invite us to your church, mosque, synagogue, community group to present & get


5. Volunteer to get petitions. contact us: 


Safe Water for our Kids.  

Columbus - No Place for Frack Waste! 


Help Us.

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