Silver can with black words on it that say Climate Legacy How Will We Be Remembered

Saturday, November 18, 12-2pm
Trintity Episcopal Church, 125 E. Broad St.
Join us on November 18th to make history. We will dedicate a 50-year time capsule to record what Ohioans love and are fighting to protect from climate change. It will be an interactive, inspiring, and family-friendly event where we will celebrate the people and places we are fighting for. Governor Kasich will be given an opportunity to write a letter pledging his support to uphold the Paris Agreement and stop the proposed fracking of the Wayne National Forest and the construction of the Nexus, Rover, and Utopia pipelines. We also call on Regional Forestry Manager Kathleen Atkinson to withdraw her consent and stop the proposed fracking of the Wayne National Forest.
We need YOU to help fill this time capsule! Please bring--
-An object (small enough to fit in your palm) representing what you love and want to protect in the face of climate change
-A letter to the future generations
Please also RSVP you and your family on our Action Network page:
BACKGROUND on the Climate Legacy Time Capsule Project:
World leaders are gathering in early November to decide what happens next with the Paris Climate Agreement. The United States will be sending a skeleton crew and has abandoned our responsibility as a global leader in the fight against the climate crisis. We, the people of Ohio, need to get together and send a message that Ohio will be a leader in climate action, even while our federal government threatens to pull our country backwards.
Between now and November 18th, every politician has a choice. Those who pledge to uphold the Paris Climate Agreement, and back up their pledge with real action, will be invited to contribute to the time capsule. Governor Kasich, we await your response. Will you stand with the people and for the environment, or will you fail us in a time of crisis? Here in Columbus, Ohio we need to make a clear statement that we are committed to taking forward, bold action on climate. With our objects and letters we commit ourselves to a higher moral standard, the only question is will our political ‘leaders’ join us?
Come loud and proud to this event!
Have some time to collect objects in your community? Want to help with event logistics? Questions? - Contact Matt at