Man speaking into bullhorn and crowd with Jewish Voices for Peace sign

Eighty peope from Columbus and all over Ohio came together Saturday, July 29 at noon to protest the Congressional vote to send $705 million of taxpayer dollars for the US-Israel Missile Defense Partnership.

There is also an active international group advocating a BDS movement - boycott, divest and sanction -- against Israel for their treatment of people in Gaza and the West Bank. Ohio Senator Rob Portman is sponsoring a bill that would CRIMINALIZE the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement in the US.

For the past decade, Israel has enforced a military blockade on over 2 million Palestinians in Gaza and now they only have 3 hours of electricity per day.

Mainstream media isn't covering these atrocities, so several local groups got together to speak out at the Statehouse last Saturday and demand an end to the brutal blockade.