Orange sky with prominent smokestack spewing smoke and sun barely peeking through

Thursday, July 13, 5-7pm
TRISM, 1636 N. High St.
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Defend Our Future is partnering with TRISM for a public health roundtable discussion, opening up a dialogue about the intersection of climate change and public health! The event will focus on the need for improved clean water programming in Columbus, the public health effects of dirty air and the environmental justice issues that impact us all. 
TRISM will be providing food samples and drink deals for attendees in their new event space!
Featured Speakers:
Rick Hicks: Director, Office of Health Planning at Columbus Public Health 
Rosemary Chaudry: Public Health Specialist, Delaware County 
Mac Crawford: Adjunct Professor of Environmental Health Sciences, The Ohio State University School of Public Health
Beth Liston: Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, The Ohio State University Medical School
David Celebrezze: Green Spot Coordinator, City of Columbus