Black and white drawing of four people holding their fists up with signs that say Black Pride 4

Wriply, Ashley and Kendall of the #BlackPride4 were recently tried and found guilty of six out of eight of their heinous trumped-up charges stemming from their peaceful protest at 2017 Columbus Pride. After a week-long jury trial in Franklin County Municipal Court, a jury decided the following in three of the four #BlackPride4 cases:

Wriply Bennet:
  Disorderly Conduct – Guilty
  Failure to Obey – Guilty
  Resisting Arrest – Guilty
Ashley Braxton:
  Disorderly Conduct – Guilty
  Failure to Obey – Guilty
  Resisting Arrest - Not Guilty
Kendall Denton:
  Disorderly Conduct – Guilty
  Failure to Obey - Not Guilty

Now these folks have a quickly approaching sentencing date of March 13, with the threat of jail time looming heavy overhead. Wriply Bennet, a beloved Black trans activist and artist, was convicted of the most charges.

The day before the #BlackPride4 are sentenced, join us and GetEqual for a March 12th National Day of Action to #FreeTheBlackPride4 to shine a massive spotlight on their case. Cities from all over the country will be hosting solidarity actions to call attention to Columbus, Ohio’s atrocious legacy of police violence, in addition to the racism that persists in the LGBTQIA+ community.

We’re calling on you to show up and show out to the mass action we’re planning for Columbus: ALL EYES ON COLUMBUS TO #FREETHEBLACKPRIDE4! – sign up on Facebook

We need a lot of people power to build a mass movement against the racist violence that has repressed and destroyed the lives of Black residents in Columbus.


March 12th @ 5:00 PM, location TBA (follow the Facebook event for updates).

If you or your organization want to co-sponsor or speak at this direct action, let us know!

In the meantime, please sign and share the petition requesting the Judge give out minimal sentencing to Wriply

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