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Urgent: Please write or call Senators to urge them to advocate and vote against his confirmation. The likely order of effectiveness:    


Two Republican Senators are considering not voting for Kavanaugh because he is against women’s health issues: Susan Collins phone 202-224-2523, Fax 202-224-2693 and Lisa Murkowski phone 202-224-6665, Fax 202-224-5301.


Three Democratic Senators from red states are considering voting for him because they are afraid of not getting reelected: Heidi Heitkamp North Dakota phone 202-224-2043, Fax 202-226-7776, Joe Donnell Indiana phone 202-224-4834, Fax 202-224-5011 and Joe Manchin III West Virginia phone 202-224-3944, Fax 202-228-0002.


The other Democratic Senators will vote against Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Also write or call Senators Rob Portman who helped Kavanaugh rehearse for the hearings in the Judiciary Committee phone 202-224-3353, Fax 202-224-9075.


Sherrod Brown who is working strongly against Kavanaugh phone 202-224-2315, Fax 202-228-6321.


If you want to do more, send letters to the Republican Senators on the Judiciary Committee and swing Republican Senators who might vote against his confirmation. Their phone and Fax numbers are on the third page.

If you can send Fax messages, Senators get the letters immediately, and a copy by mail arrives a few days later.


Suggested language:


The Honorable {full name}

United State Senate

Washington, DC 20510


Dear Senator {last name}:


Please vote against confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the U. S. Supreme Court, because of his Federal District Court rulings, proclamations and writings. Judge Kavanaugh would probably rule in favor of issues which would impinge against our civil rights, laws and regulations:


•       Voting rights.

•       Worker’s rights including collective bargaining.

•       Controlling the greed of money lenders, against a functional Consumers Financial Protection Bureau.

•       Basic gun control laws and regulations.

•       Discrimination due to race, ethnicity, and non-traditional sexual orientations.

•       Weakening the safety nets including Social Security and Medicare.

•       Weakening the division between church and state.

•       Ending or weakening social rights, including legal abortions, birth control, sexual orientation etc.

•       Weakening or not improving health care, so eventually all citizens get affordable health care.


When he was first elected, President Trump published a list of candidates from which he would nominated one to the Supreme Court. Judge Kavanaugh was not on the list. Trump added him to the list, when Kavanaugh’s writing stated that a sitting President cannot be indicted, convicted or even investigated.  If he is on the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh would vote to stop Special Counsel Robert Muellerfrom investigating the Russian interference in our elections, collusion and the obstruction of justice. Also, to stop investigation of the Trump family charitable fund activity which benefits themselves.


He said before nominating Kavanaugh, that he would nominate a candidate for the Supreme Court who would be approved by the NRA and would vote to rescind or weaken Roe v Wade. Much of Judge Kavanaugh’s record is being hidden by the Trump administration and Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Senator Grassley.


Since the Judiciary Committee hearings ended last week, it has been revealed that Judge Kavanaugh lied when he was queried by that Committee years ago when confirmed for appointment to the 1st District Court, Washington D.C.


There is little risk, even for Senators from red and purple states to vote against confirmation, because most constituents are in favor of several of these issues. President Trump and his cohort are making such a mess that they are losing support daily. Trump, who nominated Judge Kavanaugh, is now an unindicted coconspirator to a convicted felon, Manafort, and to an admitted felon, Cohen. For these reasons, there should not be a vote on confirmation to the Supreme Court until after the midterm election.    


Please vote against Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to protect our civil rights and keep our rule of law.