Photo of three white policemen outside one spraying pepper spray at a black man

Thursday, March 16, 6:30pm
Columbus Metropolitan Library, 96 S. Grant Ave.
Columbus Activists are organizing a Justice Rally for Shelton Adams, a black man who was maced, hit with a baton and tackled by 3 Grant Police Officers and in return charged with disorderly conduct after posing no threat. Police violence in Columbus needs to come to an end TODAY! Police in our OWN CITY has continuously abused their powers by cold heartedly killing unarmed black men, antagonizing confrontations, physically abusing People of color as well as macing groups of peaceful protesters beyond reason. When will enough, finally be ENOUGH? 

Columbus citizens and activist will all come together again on Thursday, 6:30 PM across from Grant Medical Center to demand All Charges be DROPPED against Shelton Adams and to have the 3 Police Officers Identified and released from the company, while protesting against police violence in our own city. 

Facebook Event Page:

Videos of Shelton Adams being Maced by Police Officers

Press Inquiries: Please reach out to Minorities, and Victims of Police Violence as they are the true victims of these actions. Thank you.

**Rally will take place where it won't interfere with patients getting to, from and in the hospital.