Bald white man with little wire-rimmed glasses talking at a mic on a table, wearing a white shirt and gesturing with his left hand

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Joe Motil, 32 year community activist and Write-In candidate for Columbus City Council is continuing to push forward on his development of city legislation requiring all new apartment projects to provide upwards of 20% of new units to be set aside for low-moderate income individuals and families. Motil first announced this idea during his 2015 Columbus City Council election campaign.

Motil says, “In 2015 83% of all apartments built in Columbus were on the high end. With almost 17,000 apartments newly opened, under construction or on the drawing  board since then, we have already missed out on an opportunity to create 3,400  affordable housing units  to those in need.” To help offset the costs for developers, Motil proposes slightly lessening the square footage of these units and allowing for less extravagant amenities such as counter tops, flooring, light fixtures, kitchen appliances and bathroom features but not displacing them with substandard appliances and components.

Motil will further expand his Affordable Housing Plan to provide opportunities to purchase abandoned and vacant homes in areas such as Linden, Hilltop, Franklinton and other distressed neighborhoods. He would return to the decades-old $1 lottery program but add that individuals could purchase such properties with stipulations that they renovate and live in them for no less than 5 years and the parcels property taxes would be abated for 10 years. Construction permit fees would also be waived.

Motil concludes, “Our current City Council has turned a blind eye to taking advantage of a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity with the recent boom in apartments being built. Our neighborhoods need to be rebuilt so they may thrive once again. City Council and their campaign contributing greedy developer sidekicks see only dollar signs and not what is in the best interest of our city as a whole. The lack of affordable housing policies by City Hall has helped distinguish Columbus as the number two most economically segregated city in America. Columbus needs elected officials who are willing to demonstrate the leadership,political willpower and solutions that will bring fairness and opportunity to all people.”