Big government building with round tower at top and white columns and lots of people on the grounds in front

Wednesday, June 5, 4:30-6:30pm, Ohio Statehouse [corner of S. Third St. and E. State St.]

Ohio House Bill 6 would eliminate Ohio’s energy efficiency and clean energy programs. It would replace them with a charge on every Ohioan’s electric bill that would go to bail out First Energy’s crumbling leaking nuclear plants and two coal-fired plants, one of which is in Indiana.

Opponents to H.B. 6 will be gathering at three locations across the state during the first week in June [Toledo on June 3, Columbus on June 5, and Akron on June 7] to protest this unacceptable dirty energy tax on Ohioans. Wind and solar power are cheaper and can replace nukes and coal, but not if we are subsidizing the dirty power.

Contact: Joe DeMare, 419-973-5841 or